Saltmarsh (large town): Conventional
Population 3,850; Mixed (human 81%, halfling 5%. half-elf 4%, gnome 3%, elf 3%, dwarf 2%, half-orc 1%, other 1%),
3,000 gp limit
Assets 577,500 gp

Authority Figures: Lord Mayor Erolin Timertikos (NG male human Aristocrat L6/Fighter L3); Egan Lassiter (NE male human Aristocrat L4/Cleric L10, town councilman); Hoskio Lashti (NG male halfling Bard L1/Aristocrat L7, town councilman); Lira Tolivar (LN female halfling Druid L8, town councilman); Lyra Ivessa (NG female human Cleric L10, town councilman); Toren Aerakin, LG male human Aristocrat L6/Wizard, town councilman).

Heraldry: Per pall inverted vert, azure, and argent, in the first two fish in pale the upper most to canton, the lower to sinister, in the second a galleon proper, and in the third, cattail proper

The town of Saltmarsh is one of the more active towns in Keoland History. Renowned for its past smuggling operations, one of the central focal points in dealing with the Sahuagin and the Lizardfolk, and the assault of the Scarlet Brotherhood, the town has seen little time to recuperate, since the last 5 years various areas of the town has been methodically destroyed by invading sea monsters.

The town, strangely enough, is a big draw for adventuring parties and individuals who don’t want to be found. This is where the town gets most of its income from, along with the cranberry bogs, the milling, and the small port that is constantly under repairs through the military funds.

Saltmarsh is constantly under a heavy fog, that burns off sometime in the mid-afternoon and quickly comes back during the evening hours. While this strange weather phenomena isn’t attributed to any other place in Keoland, the people of Saltmarsh take this in stride, some people even prefer it this way.

Areas of Influence and Available Regions
In the Salinmoor region, a days ride from Bale Keep (which is on the border of the Hool Marsh), and a few days away from the Capital of Salinmoor (Seaton).

Duties, Objectives, and Day-to-Day Activities
This town has strategic military value and is renowned for its cranberry wines (though not a popular commodity in Keoland). With the military interest turning towards the Hool Marsh, the activity in the town has gradually increased, disturbing the general population to some degree. The town is under constant repair, since there has been a constant disturbance, which has wrecked portions of this town. Some of the town is in outright ruin or has been abandoned for nearly a decade – creating an environment for more unsavory types.



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