Safeton (popl 6,100). Safeton (originally Safe Town) was one of the more peaceful and stable places on the Wild Coast for a very long time. However. with the invasion of armies from the Pomarj having claimed most of the lands to the south, Safeton has become the next in line for the orcs, since it is less than 30 miles from the actual humanoid territories. Because of this threat, Safeton has become a fortress town, with active military visible at all times on and within its walls, Made mostly of stone, many of its buildings (and parts of its walls) are centuries old. The outer wall has been reinforced, with arrow slits and parapets added. Many of the outer streets of the town have traps that can be easily set in case the walls are breached.

Settlements and Locations within the Holdings of Safeton:

The area just south of the town is littered with rusted weapons, fragments of armor, and goblin bones; a great battle was fought there in 589 CY, when a force of goblins attacked the city. The assault was broken due to clever use of traps, archery, and a lot of powerful magic; the battlefield is now a play site for older children, although most of the salvageable pieces have been take and re-forged. The men of Safeton retaliated against Cantona the next year and succeeded in burning much of the town to the ground, but did not eradicate the orcs.

This closeness to the humanoids gives Safeton an atmosphere of paranoia and fear with everyone on edge and ready to take out their aggression upon any humanoid that pops up. Word travels fast in the city, with rumors that start in the docks reaching the other side of town in minutes. Everyone of the residents knows the use of at least one weapon, and a disproportionate number of semi-capable adventurers live here; for the people of Safeton, going adventuring usually means sneaking into the Buffer Zone or (for the brave or foolhardy) across the northern-boundary of the Orcish Empire, looting ruined villages (which has poor returns nowadays) and searching for ore patrols. The ruined but occupied castles of Leraizen (held by an unknown person-possibly the former owner, a necromancer who was thought to have died-who has magical power and a dislike of being disturbed) and Sulafrait (held alternately by bandits, orcs, or orogs, and said to have great treasure within) are popular targets. A few groups with real experience have gone so far as to scout over a hundred miles into orcish territory to the town of Fax, which has been greatly damaged and is now occupied by orcs, goblins, bugbears, ogres, gnolls, and other humanoids. The people of Fax were driven out in 584 CY and would like to return, but most have lost hope.

Districts of Safeton:

A recent addition to Safeton is Bendel (NG female halfling Priest of Mayaheine L7) (ring of feather falling, shield +3), a redheaded native of the Yeomanry (a friendly nation to the southwest). She fought against giants when they invaded her homeland, and came to Safeton to help keep the humanoid tide at bay. She spends most of her days casting glyph of warding spells in defensive formations around the city, triggered by orcs, and at least one day a week teaches siege defenses and archery.

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