Luckbringer, Lady Luck, The Laughing Goddess, Smiley, Queen of Cards, The Charm, The Duelist
Demipower of Ysgard

Portfolio: Chance, good luck, skill
Symbol: Open hand of five cards or a bull’s-eye target
Alignment: Chaotic neutral (CG)
Aliases: Blue Eyes, "’That girl that wins all the time/’ Cheater, Card Shark
Domain Name: Ysgard/The House of Cards
Domains: Chaos, Competition* (CD), Destiny* (RoD), Luck.
Favored Weapon(s): Rapier (m)
Superior: Norebo (Papa)
Allies: Norebo, Trithereon, Zuoken, Zagyg
Foes: Ralishaz, Iuz
Worshiper’s Alignment: CN, CG, N

Description: Rudd (RUD) is a woman who ascended to godhood with Olidammara’s help. She appears to be a trim, athletic Oeridian woman wearing form-fitting clothing and a long blue cloak. Some say she was one of the nine demigods trapped by the mad archmage Zagig, and her church has become popular in the last two decades, especially among adventurers. She is friendly with her mentor and Norebo, but opposes Zagyg, Ralishaz, and luz. A master of the rapier, she never misses with her shortbow and claims the bull’s-eye target as her holy symbol. “Depend upon skill for success, but also on your good fortune. Never rule out the long shot, but don’t count on it. Successful people make their own luck, at a gaming table or in a duel, especially if they buck the odds with expertise. The ability to recognize good luck and seize its possibilities divides the heroes from the fools.” Rudd’s clerics practice at games that rely heavily on chance and physical prowess (less often mental ability), hone their fighting abilities, and perform other tasks that improve with repetition. They work in gambling establishments and schools of fencing and archery, counsel the novice to continue training, and caution the perpetually unlucky to find other interests. They adventure for the thrill of experience, to prove their ability, to beat the odds, and just for the sake of exploring.

Rudd (RUD) is a relatively young goddess. She was born almost a millennium ago. (The year 601 CY will mark her 1,000th birthday.) It is said she was born in Bissel, but no one knows for sure. The goddess wandered the world after that, getting into trouble and finding that she loved skilled games of chance.

Rudd is the Great Gambler, and she knows every game of cards ever conceived. She delights in games of chance but prefers having some control as well, not liking purely random games like dice or wickets. She also avoids cerebral games such as Dragonchess, Tying-stones, and Sink Mr. Turtle, finding them far too easy. Her favorite games are cards and backgammon, as well as any game of skill that has some kind of random element involved in it.

Many claim to have met the goddess, and either she or her avatar often roam the Flanaess, finding games of chance and skill wherever she goes. She once frequented the gambling houses of the Wild Coast, or so the stories go, and more than one man has claimed he crossed cards with her in the city of Greyhawk. These are likely true, as she loves mortals and the games they play, though she does not abide cheating unless it is expertly done—and never if the cheater is caught. (She always catches those who try to cheat her.) She sometimes appears to those who think they are unbeatable in a specific game that involves both chance and skill.

Rudd does not get along with Istus, as she does not believe in a set fate or destiny for any individual.

Rudd appears to be a young woman with short black hair. She has bright blue eyes and is invariably smiling, showing off perfect white teeth. Her skin is only slightly tanned and she has the best features of both the Oeridian and the Suel. She is impeccably dressed in flashy clothes, usually wearing pants instead of a dress and looking like some kind of swashbuckler. She wears a rapier and a stiletto on her belt, although tries to use these weapons as little as possible.

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