Royal Grounds of Dyvers

The Royal Grounds are separated from the rest of the city by a low hill (usually called Royal Hill). City streets lead up steps or paths carved into the hill, but the edges of the hill itself are kept clear of buildings to provide a clear field of fire should the city be attacked. The two largest buildings on the hill are the Old Palace and the Free Army Barracks (formerly the Royal Furyondian Barracks). A grassy plain covers part of the hill near Old Town and is used as a parade ground, while a similar plot near the barracks is used for military maneuvers by the Free Army. The rest of the hill is covered in townhouses, mansions, and gardens owned by the nobility of Dyvers, the majority of which live in the Royal Grounds (with the remainder living in estates scattered across the countryside).

Notable Locations in the Royal Grounds District:

The city wall curves around the southernmost part of the hill, with a single pedestrian gate allowing the outside world access to the richest part of Dyvers. Near the edge of the hill is a secondary wall and gate, built to defend against an invasion from the south.

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Royal Grounds of Dyvers

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