River Quarter of Dyvers

The River Quarter is actually four islands at the mouth of the Velverdyva River. Arranged in a “Y” shape, one is a military site and three are dotted by settlements of fisherfolk and dominated by wharves and warehouses owned by citizens.

The Free Marines of Dyvers number almost a thousand, including officers, and are all well equipped and well trained. The Free Marines are made up of sailors and warriors. They operate a number of oared galleys, small cogs, and other boats out of a base on one of the four islands in the River Quarter. Their headquarters is on the waterfront in the city. They often cruise north to the coastal Furyondian town of Willip as part of their training, even though the Furyondian navy patrols the Nyr Dyv for pirates. In general, the Free Marines do not like the Rhennee.

Notable Locations in the River Quarter:
Great Crown Island: Great Crown Island is the southwestern-most island of the group. The most important edifices here are the lighthouse on its upstream end and the second of Dyvers’ s two fine shipyards.

Leviathan Rock: Leviathan Rock is the home of the secondary command center of the Free Marines. Very little grows on this island other than scrub plants, but the marines keep their base well stocked with food and weapons.

West Gate Island: West Gate and East Gate Islands are held by most to be the landmarks that divide the Velverdyva River from the Nyr Dyv. The Alliance owns about a third of the warehouses on West Gate in the name of several of its legitimate businesses. Vel Ashandrin s people make sure that the Slaver ships have a safe place to make port. If they have human cargo that needs to be stored in an emergency, a small private pier can be used on West Gate Island to unload them (usually in large boxes so as to not arouse suspicion) into an Alliance warehouse.

East Gate Island: Shrockom, the eastern village on East Gate, is mostly made up of country homes owned by the more reclusive noble families of Dyvers.


River Quarter of Dyvers

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