In sharp contrast to the Menowood near Sunndi, the Rieuwood is an elven forest.The elves live in harmony with the forest and their lives and that of the forest have become one. Elven tree cities and dwellings dot the forest and well traveled trails crisscross its extent. Fruit and nut bearing trees are tended by elves, who usually live close by. The wild animals of the Rieuwood are also carefully maintained to ensure the elves have a ready supply of meat and furs. The forest has an almost urban feel.

Only in the northern sections of the forest does nature run wild. Circumstance has made it so for the Rieuwood almost completely spans the gap between the Glorioles Mountains and the northern most extent of the Hollow Hills. Any invasion of Sunndi from the North must pass through the Rieuwood for the hills and mountains to either side are well guarded and all but impassable to a large army. Thus, invasions from Medegia and the Great Kingdom have concentrated on the Rieuwood as the lesser of several evils. The elves have found it wise to let these reaches grow unchecked to better impede invaders. The unfortunate consequence of this policy has been to create a haven for monsters, driven from other areas of the forest.

The druids of the Rieuwood are mostly elves. The sacred grove of Estoriale, lies in the western expanse of the wood where it abuts the Hollow Hills. This area has been given over to the druids and grows intentionally wild. Shevain is the chief druid of the grove. The grove itself is a circle of menhirs erected by the druids around a truly gigantic oak tree. The druids are inordinately protective of this tree, believing it to be the oldest tree of the Rieuwood and the heart of the forest. They believe that the health of this oak mirrors the health of the forest as a whole.



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