Resources in Aerdy

Aerdy has little in the way of mineral deposits. The electrum mines of Bellport, the gemlodes of the Thelly, a little ore in the Gull Cliffs, the mines on the margins of the Iron Hills, and the overpanned stretch of the Flanmi known as the Nugget Run are all one can find here save for a few drift mines and freak deposits.

The mines of the Blemu Hills are lost to the Bone March humanoids now. Food and cloth are the staples of the land, with the central lands and river basins most productive in this respect.

Aerdy used to trade with many nations for goods it needed, most notably iron, copper, and alloys. Such goods came from lands thousands of miles away, usually shipped in through the City of Greyhawk and through Woolly Bay eastward, or across the Nyr Dyv and through Urnst, Nyrond and Almor.

Some covert trade was conducted with the barbarians through the Lords of the Isles and even the Sea Barons or Ratik (which was also a source of good woods). In return, Aerdy exported food, cloth, weapons, and a little in the way of gems, worked items from artisans, and rarer commodities such as Grandwood and Adri herbs and the infamous pickled eel saveloys of Winetha. Such external trade has now mostly collapsed, at least as far as the west is concerned. The eastern coastal cities and the Sea Barons, and North Province, conduct most of the surviving trade. Now, most people simply grow enough for themselves.

The Former Great Kingdom of Aerdy

Resources in Aerdy

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