Redoubt is a huge military garrison town, protecting the approach to Chendl. A great five-towered stone castle dominates the road and the town. Repairs to the damage suffered in the wars have only recently been completed. The siege of Chendl left this castle as a single point of light in a sea of darkness as Iuz’s horrors swarmed around it, and having it whole once again has lifted the spirits of the people considerably.

The garrison of Redoubt numbers 1,500 men at present, and every able-bodied soul has at least some leather armor and a hand weapon. All the native Furyondians here saw what orcs, goblins and fiends did to their brethren during the wars. Redoubt’s people do not forget the horrors of the long days, and the stalking nightmares of the black nights. Belvor wishes to increase the numbers here, and is actively seeking financial support for such a venture.

Redoubt is also a center of one of the major religions of Furyondy. Located in the rebuilt city is the primary church of Trithereon. The Baronesses spiritual advisor Darden (CG male human Cleric of Trithereon L10) heads the church. The faith of Trithereon is very strong in this province, and in the city of Redoubt in particular.

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