Realms of the Flanaess

The Flanaess today stands within the portal of a dynamic new age. The last decade has seen the destruction and arrival of dozens of kingdoms. Refugee migrations have spread legends and beliefs far and wide. Today the common person of the Flanaess encounters a greater intermingling of cultures than at any time since the great migrations. With this tremendous upheaval comes opportunity for great profit and gallantry. The Flanaess is rife with adventure, and awaits those who would shape its future.

Bandit Kingdoms
Bone March
Bright Lands
Frost Barbarians
Gran March
Ice Barbarians
Iuz, Empire of
Lendore Isles
Lordship of the Isles
North Kingdom
Paynims, Plains of the
Rel Astra and the Solnor Compact
Rovers of the Barrens
Scarlet Brotherhood
Sea Barons
Sea Princes
Shield Lands
Snow Barbarians
Tiger Nomads
Ulek, County of
Ulek, Duchy of
Ulek, Principality of
Urnst, County of
Urnst, Duchy of
Valley of the Mage
Wolf Nomads

Geographic Divisions
The focal point Oerth is the Flanaess, with the city of Greyhawk near its center. The Flanaess can be divided into nine broadly defined geopolitical territories, most of which coincide with old national identities that once dominated those regions. The exception here is the southern region of isolated lands, some of which are not part of the Flanaess proper (for example, Hepmonaland).

Baklunish West (former Baklunish Empire)
Survivors of the Invoked Devastation settled these temperate prairies, forests, and coastal lands about one thousand years ago. Largely separated from the rest of the Flanaess by the great Yatils, Barrier Peaks, and Crystalmist Mountains, these realms are a stronghold of Baklunish culture.

Bitter North (“Old Blackmoor”)
The lands north of the Yatil Mountains, from the Dramidj coast to the Dulsi River, make up the Bitter North. The climate in this region of steppes and coniferous forests varies from cool to frigid, making this a sparsely settled area home mostly to nomads, orcs, and goblins, except in Perrenland.

Western Nyr Dyv (“Old Ferrond”)
The lands from the Nyr Dyv to the Yatils are an old stronghold of Good in the Flanaess. Humans of Oeridian and Flan descent, dwarves, and elves contribute to the vigor of these nations. The rich soil and the pleasant climate, combined with healthy trade relations with their neighbors to the east, south and west, make this a strong and wealthy region.

Sheldomar Valley (“Old Keoland”)
The fertile Sheldomar Valley is almost completely enclosed by mountains until it reaches the Azure Sea. Two great rivers, the Sheldomar and the Javan, water these lands between the Crystalmists and the Lortmils. The climate here is warm and mild, and many elves, dwarves, gnomes, and halflings live in peace alongside Suel, Oeridian, and Flan farmers and lords.

Empire of Iuz (“Northern Reaches”)
The evil demigod Iuz has expanded his territory from his original realm north of Lake Whyestil to include most of the land from the western edge of the Vesve Forest across the north-central Flanaess to the current war zone of Tenh. These lands are generally wilderness dotted with ruined human towns and active orc lairs, with a cool to temperate climate.

Thillonrian Peninsula (“Barbarian North”)
This isolated, mountainous region at the northeastern edge of the Flanaess is home to many barbarians. These northern Suel call their land Rhizia, which has a ruggedly beautiful landscape of high mountains, coniferous forests, and deep fjords. The climate is subarctic, with rocky soil and a brief growing season.

Old Aerdy West (“Old Nyrond”)
These lands between the eastern Nyr Dyv and the line marked by the southern Rakers are temperate and fertile. Folk of Oeridian, Suloise and Flan heritage dwell in relative harmony here. This area was once yeah, part of the Oeridian-dominated Great Kingdom, but it broke away to become the kingdom of Nyrond (now reduced in size).

Old Aerdy East (former Great Kingdom)
The lands south and east of the Rakers and north of the Vast Swamp, off to the Solnor coast, were once the heartland of Aerdy, the Great Kingdom. These lands are rich and their climate pleasant, though long years of civil war and oppression have damaged the economy. Many orcs and goblinoid races live among the numerous, warlike Oeridians here.

Isolated Realms
These strange lands include the deadly Sea of Dust, the jungles of the Amedio and Hepmonaland, the Tilvanot Peninsula, and many islands along the eastern coast. These regions are little known to most inhabitants of the Flanaess. People of Suloise descent are found throughout, particularly on the Tilvanot Peninsula, but other races of humanity are also present (for example, the dark Touv of Hepmonaland). Most of these southern regions are hot and suffer frequent storms. Hepmonaland is actually a minor continent, the smallest of the four on Oerth.

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Realms of the Flanaess

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