Lord of Xvartkind, Packmaster of Rats, Night Flutterer
Lesser Power of the Windswept Depths of Pandemonium

Symbol: A blue flaming hand
Home Plane: Pandemonium/Pandesmos (The Black Sewers)
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Portfolio: Xvarts, Rats, Wererats, Bats
Superior: none
Alias: none
Core Worshipers: Xvart
Worshipers: Xvarts, wererats and werebats
Cleric Alignments: Chaotic evil
Domains: Animal, Chaos, Evil, Mysticism* (CD), Pestilence* (CD), Trickery.
Favored Weapon: Azure Razor (+5 flaming scimitar)

Description: Raxivort (RAKS-ih-vort) is the god of all xvarts – a short, blue-skinned goblinoid race found in the Bandit Kingdoms, old lands of the Horned Society, Bone March, Pomarj, Verbobonc, and the eastern Vesve Forest. Raxivort was not always a god.

Centuries ago, he started his mortal existence as a normal xvart somewhere in the wild Flanaess, long before the wars between the Baklunish and Suloise and even before elven recorded history. Raxivort was the greatest general of his race, by virtue of his strength and wit, Raxivort rose to leadership over all the xvarts in the world, or so the story goes. Not satisfied with this achievement, Raxivort strove for more power, somehow contacting creatures from the outer planes and eventually communicating with Graz’zt. The xvart found his way into the demon’s good graces, presumably by doing a service for him, and in return he was granted certain powers and appointed Master of Slaves on Graz’zt’s abyssal layer. The cunning xvart pretended to be gracious, all the while biding his time and concealing his true intentions.

After centuries of serving as Graz’zt’s Master of Slaves, the cunning Raxivort accumulated enough trust and power to loot the demon’s armory and use the arsenal he found within to attempt to wrest control of the Abyssal Plane from its master and claim his own Abyssal realm.

The battle between Raxivort and Graz’zt lasted for months, with neither side gaining the upper hand. Raxivort finally proposed a truce and left the Abyss for Pandemonium, giving up the part of Graz’zt’s plane he’d taken, but carting away great treasure and magic. He took control of the Black Sewers on Pandemonium and reasserted himself as lord of all the xvarts. Raxivort now reigns in luxury, while demons shun him, and one (at least) plots a black revenge.

While he can take the form of a great rat or bat, his natural form is that of a strong but ugly xvart wearing silken garments over blue mail. He carries Azure Razor, a falchion of small size but great magical power. He also favors throwing blades of various sizes and creates fans of acidic fire from his left hand (thus, his symbol is a blue flaming hand). He combats most other nonhuman gods and avoids demons entirely.

Dogma: The main belief of the church of Raxivort is that might makes right. Shamans teach that if xvarts are not strong enough to defeat their opponents, they should do what any sane creature would do—get more xvarts. If this is not possible, patience must be exhibited, though it is a hard, boring lesson. The survival of the tribe is the most important lesson that the shamans try to impart to other xvarts. If the tribe is threatened, it must do anything it can to survive: lie, cheat, steal, submit, become slaves—anything. With patience, all can be rectified later.

“Xvarts are the inheritors of the world. They and their rat, wererat, and bat allies will destroy their enemies, particularly the goblins and kobolds. With cunning, numbers, and small allies, the xvarts will overwhelm all opposition. Like Raxivort himself, fire and knives are the tools of the xvarts against their hated foes. Those who can not take the shape of a rat or bat are doubly blessed.”

Clergy: Raxivort is worshiped primarily by xvarts. A few wererats and werebats also worship him, though he doesn’t seem to notice them and grants no spells to such creatures.

Shamans are the most common priests of Raxivort, and they usually vie for power with the chiefs of tribes (though they always work together with the chiefs against non-xvarts). Witch doctors have a place in what little hierarchy the church has, below the shaman. Shamans serving Raxivort always display the blue-flaming hand of their deity. They can rise to Lama status. Magic-using witch doctors can rise to Theurgist status

The less militaristic clerics search out old ruins to stone sores of magic and weapons that can be brought back for their tribe. His clerics are more open-minded about and less fearful of humans than other xvarts, and they serve as negotiators or diplomats when humans are encountered.

Temples: Temples to Raxivort are usually crude affairs, almost always underground. A statue of the god, usually crudely made, stands somewhere in the temple. If precious metals can be found and worked into such a statue, they will be. If not, the xvarts use whatever they can find. Regardless of the design, the statue is painted with bright, garish colors. Bat guano is burned during ceremonies to the Night Flutterer, so the temple often has a rank smell.

Raxivort’s church is not tolerated in most good states, and services to him are considered a crime (as they often involve sentient sacrifices). The god was once worshiped in the southern Hold of the Sea Princes in the Duchy of Berghof by the xvarts that were prevalent in that area. It is also suspected that xvarts living in Iuz’s lands secretly worship the Packmaster of Rats. There are likely temples to the god in the Pomarj and the Bone March. A large temple to the Night Flutterer is rumored to exist in the Drachensgrab Mountains.

Day-to-Day Activities: The main purpose of a shaman is to see to his or her own survival and the survival of the tribe (in that order). Shamans use their magic to help the tribe without weakening it. Xvarts harmed in battle are treated on a “least hurt/first healed” basis, allowing the most to return to combat quickest.

Holy Days/Important Ceremonies: The only holy days dedicated to Raxivort include the spring and autumn equinoxes (Coldeven 25 and Harvester 25), which coincide with the mating seasons of xvarts. Other holy days take place whenever the tribe can find a suitable sacrifice.

Major Centers of Worship: It is rumored that a large temple dedicated to Raxivort lies in the Drachensgrab Mountains in the Pomarj. Only the xvarts know its exact whereabouts.

Affiliated Orders: There are no affiliated orders to the church of Raxivort, though sometimes the occasional wererat allies itself with a tribe.

Priestly Vestments: Shamans of Raxivort wear a specially designed set of stilts that elevate them to the height of 5 feet. Over these, they wear long black robes. The final priestly vestment is a gold or copper gilded mask that completely covers the face and is designed to look like a hideous xvart visage.

Adventuring Garb: Shamans still wear black robes and the mask of office. They usually dispense with the stilts in the field.

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