Rastor (hamlet): Nonstandard; AL N; 100 gp limit
Assets: 600 gp;
Population: 118; Mixed (human 35, dwarf 30, halfling 8, orc 8, half-orc 8, gnome 8, elf 3).

Authority Figure(s): Rerrid Hammersong, (N male dwarf Cleric L5/Fighter L3). Rerrid is the town elder and its leader by default. He is a cleric of Moradin, using his magic for the good of the town.

Important Characters: Thandain Deeperdark, (N male dwarf Fighter L5). Thandain has no actual title, but most people in Rastor respect her enough that her words carry a great deal of weight; Tymerian, (N female human Wizard L4). Tymerian uses her spells to aid others and earn a profit in doing so. If need be, the town calls upon her to aid in defense. Tymerian was once a powerful adventurer. She and her party tried to fly over the volcano rim to break into the Temple of All-Consumption, were devastated by the lightning towers, and were eventually captured by wights. She managed to escape and has lived in Rastor ever since; Jardeth, (N male half-orc Warrior L2). Although the position is fairly unofficial, Jardeth serves as a sort of constable in the town. He is very loyal to Rerrid; Tunraug Urkart, (N male dwarf Expert L3) He is the local blacksmith; Yarew, (N male human Commoner L2). The Gray Lodge is the single tavern in town, and the only place where outsiders can find boarding. Yarew owns the lodge and tends bar. He employs two women to help with meals and upkeep; Verg and Unaret, (N male orcs Warriors L2). Hunters and trappers by trade, these two orcs serve as the main go-betweens for Rastor and the orc camp.

Built at the end of a road (and the beginning of two mountain trails), Rastor is a rough, little, mud–soaked place low on charm and laden with coarse and dangerous inhabitants. Although primarily the home of humans and dwarves, newcomers quickly notice that orcs live among the populace, along with a fair number of half–orcs. The orcs are from a tribe that lives in an encampment only a few miles deeper into the mountains. The people of Rastor have long since made their peace with this orc tribe, and now a fair amount of interaction exists between the two. Since merchants sometimes come to Rastor with supplies for sale, the orcs consider the people of the hamlet important allies. The merchants never notice that folks in Rastor buy more than they can ever really use. What they don’t know is that the humans and others in the village sell goods to the orcs. This situation makes Rastor rougher than most traditional communities, and it makes the nearby orcs more sophisticated than a typical tribe.

Just about everyone in Rastor knows that some sort of secret temple or complex lies in the nearby mountains. They see the clerics and their servants coming out of nearby passes in wagons or on foot. About half know exactly where it lies and have even traded or interacted with the ochre–robed clerics or their black-clad servants.

Nearby Orc Camp: The orcs of the nearby tribe have a relatively peaceful and cooperative coexistence with the people of Rastor. The camp is located three miles to the south and west of the village, in the steep hills at the edge of the mountain they call the Foot of Gruumsh.

Eighty-four orcs live in the camp, mostly by hunting, fishing, and occasionally waylaying travelers—although such attacks are rare (the orcs never attack merchants coming into Rastor because they do not want such trade to end).

Kreugna (N female orc Barbarian L6) serves as the leader of the orcs. She rules by force, but is generally respected. Marukiu (N male orc Adept L5) aids Kreugna.

Kron Hills


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