Village: Conventional (Mendaos, feudal ruler with almost unlimited power within the village); AL LN/LE/CN; 200gp limit; Assets 8,760gp; Population 876; Isolated (human O/S
(825), dwarf (26), half-orc (17), elf (8).

Authority Figures: Mendaos of House Radoc (NE male human Aristocrat L3/Warrior L7).

Important Characters: Eremis (LN male human Cleric of Kelanen L9), High Priest of Kelanen in Naerie; Lugomir Cranden (LN male human Marshal L7), Envoy of Prince Barzhaan; Teban (LG male dwarf Cleric of Jascar L5), leader of the miners.

Mendaos of Prymp was a down-on-his-luck noble when Graf Reydrich invaded Idee. Putting his remaining fortune at risk, he hired a large group of (cheap) mercenaries, some of whose main qualification was a fancy name, and thundered into Idee alongside Reydrich’s forces with his rag-tag company.

While in southern Idee, he came across a settlement called Radoc, some 30 miles southeast of Naerie City, which was lightly defended by a group of Scarlet Brotherhood soldiers preparing to retreat. Thankfully, Mendaos’ company outnumbered the Brotherhood four to one. He still lost nearly half his host when his mercenaries charged the town and engaged the Scarlet Brotherhood Hepmonalanders in vicious melee. Nobody really knows what happened next, but Reydrich awarded the town and its immediate surroundings to Mendaos, who immediately declared himself the head of House Radoc.

This state of affairs that has lasted ever since, Barzhaan being content to receive the normal share of taxes and profits from the village’s copper mine (the main source of local revenue). Mendaos is not a very efficient or charismatic ruler, though not a tyrant either. Most of the time he is content to use his share of the tax money on pleasures such as cheap women, and it is rumored that he has bastard children all over the Principality.

Most of his mercenaries eventually left him or were sacked, but the most loyal were hired as his personal bodyguard, while others gained employment in the town guard. Drunken brawls occasionally break out between them, but Mendaos does not seem to mind. General Morres once visited Radoc after Mendaos had offered some of his ‘finest’ for the Naerie garrison. Morres laughed in his face after seeing his half-drunk ‘army’, and neither man wants to have anything to do with the other anymore.

Regular people (miners mostly) in the village stay out of harm’s way, and the mercenaries don’t usually bother them. Until 597 CY, Barzhaan had assigned Gowre Haxx, a minor noble of House Haxx, to act as his envoy to Radoc. However, he was killed by roaming monsters (though other theories exist) and another envoy, Lugomir Cranden was send into continue Gowre’s work.

Another recent arrival in town is the grim priest of Kelanen, Eremis. The former adventurer founded a temple to his god, and remains a mystery to the townsfolk, endlessly speculated about by the town gossips.

Barony of Derevendt


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