The Feathered Serpent
Greater Power of a parallel Prime Material Plane

Symbol: A winged snake
Home Plane: a parallel Prime Material Plane
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Portfolio: Air, Wisdom, Birds, Snakes, Civilization
Superior: Ometeotl
Aliases: Kukulkan, Ehecatl
Core Worshipers: Olman
Cleric Alignments:
Domains: Air, Animal, Domination* (CD), Knowledge, Law, Protection, Sky* (RotW).
Favored Weapon: (+1 distance dagger)

Description: Quetzalcoatl is the enigmatic god who has spent the most time leading the Olman gods. He most frequently manifests as a couatl, but can appear in any number of bizarre and monstrous forms. He is a patron of the arts and metallurgy and is the least warlike of the Olman powers. The priests of this god are leaders and administrators, promoting the god through political means. They expect their orders to be followed by all non-priests and the younger priests of the other god. They also carve elaborate sculptures and fabricate metal items. Ceremonial garb includes a vest and headdress of green jade or feathers.

Quetzalcoatl is depicted with pale skin, a dark, full beard, wearing long, concealing robes or the feathered garb of a noble.

In his own realm, Quetzalcoatl appears as a talking snake with green feathers. He has a bewildering number of other forms; in some of these, he may act in chaotic or evil ways, making it very difficult to assign him an alignment. He cannot be harmed by creatues in the same form that he is using, so if he is in the form of a dragon, he cannot be hurt by any kind of dragon, and if he appears as a magic-user he cannot be harmed by magic spells.

Relationships: Quetzalcoatl’s claim to be the mightiest god in his mythos is disputed by the followers of his enemy, Tezcatlipoca. It is not known if he has any relationship with Jazirian, the god of couatls.

Dogma: Quetzalcoatl’s priests teach adherence to social conventions, kindness to others, and peaceful relationships with neighbors. They teach that civility separates humans from beasts, and that it is through civilization that humans achieve perfection.

Worshippers: Followers of Quetzalcoatl often go on quests to do things like help a good prince to become king instead of his evil rivals, protecting villages from monsters, and foiling the schemes of Tezcatlipoca and his minions.

Quetzalcoatl’s otherworldly herald is a 20th-level cleric with pale skin and a full beard. His allies include hound archons, couatls, and planetars.

Clergy: Clerics of Quetzalcoatl strive to maintain the ideals that Quetzalcoatl embodies. As with most Olman priests, priests of Quetzalcoatl must choose a direction to pray to at the beginning of their careers. Clerics of the east wear red, clerics of the south wear yellow, clerics of the west wear black, and clerics of the north wear white. Their favored weapon is the dagger (or the mace according to Dragon #352).

Clerics of Quetzalcoatl must have knowledge of civics and literature, and are expected to pass along their wisdom either as advisors to noble rulers or as teachers in the calmecac, or religious school. They are leaders and administrators who promote their god through political means. They expect their orders to be followed by all non-priests and by younger priests of other gods. They carve elaborate sculptures and fabricate metal items.

Temples: Temples of Quetzalcoatl have distinctive circular shapes, unusual in a culture that favors rectangular buildings. They are found in cities and on the summits of tall mountain peaks. The clerics there maintain them in pristine condition in preparation for the Feathered Serpent’s return.

Rituals and holy days: Rituals to the Olman deities are typically performed every 20 days, corresponding to the various “signs” of the divinatory calendar. Each sign is ruled by a different deity. Sacrifices may take many forms, depending on the god. The public is required to attend every ritual, held at the temple of the appropriate god.

Celebrations honoring Quetzalcoatl are brightly colored and filled with dance and music. Quetzalcoatl does not demand human sacrifice, unlike many others in his pantheon. A watch held at all times by Quetzalcoatl’s clerics looks toward the sea, waiting for signs of their god coming back to them.

Prayers to Quetzalcoatl often begin with a plea for his swift return.

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