The Blazing Killer, Demon of Venom, Hideous Assassin
Lesser Deity

Symbol: A demonic face with ears like bat wings
Alignment: Neutral evil
Portfolio: Fire, Poison, Murder
Core Worshipers: Suel
Domains: Destruction, Evil, Fire, Madness* (CD), Mysticism* (CD).
Favored Weapon: Longsword (m)

Special Notes: Divine spellcasters cannot cast spells with the cold descriptor; they are not restricted, however, from casting a spell that has been modified by an item or feat (like Energy Substitution) so that its cold descriptor is completely changed to another descriptor.

Description: Pyremius (pie-REH-mee-us) was originally a demigod of poison and murder, but he poisoned Ranet, the Suel goddess of fire, and assumed her portfolio during the height of the Suel Empire, corrupting it from a life-giving power into a destructive element. He is now the patron of assassins, and he carries a longsword called Red Light and a whip called Viper. He is friendly with fiends; jermlaine worship him, as do many nonhuman tribes. He keeps other gods at arm’s length, except for Syrul, a fellow patron of the Scarlet Brotherhood. His holy symbol is a demonic face with ears like a bat’s wings. “The world will perish in fire. Anything that threatens you must be burned, and those who would keep you from doing this must be killed. The greatest enemy must sleep sometime. Those who fall to such tactics deserve their fate, and those who exploit these weaknesses are the most crafty of all.” This doctrine means ranking clerics tend to prey upon each other, and smarter ones sometimes leave a temple to found their own order of the church. His clerics watch other people for weaknesses or openings in their defenses. They expose themselves to great heat to test their strength, plot against those who hold things they want, build superior forges, and explore exotic locations to find rare plants and other substances from which poisons can be made. Assassins can be hired at their temples; turnover among the clerics is high because of internal feuds. The Hideous Assassin’s temples are always built of mortared stone, preferably volcanic, with red and orange shapes enameled onto the walls and covered in a glaze to reflect the light. Fires burn in the center of every public room at all times. There are many alcoves and blind corners, giving visitors who spend any time here a strong feeling of paranoia. Hot, dry days that cause fires are holy times for these obsessive people; they met at the site of such fires and offer prayers to their fickle god. Sacrifices of prisoners and slaves are conducted at the beginning of winter, spring, and low summer; these victims are poisoned with corrosive substances, stabbed in the back, and burned alive on great pyres. Ceremonial garb includes orange silk trousers and jerkins, with another layer of red silk over that, slotted to reveal the inner layer; one wearing such a costume appears to ripple with flame. Heavy bracers made of brass adorn the wrists, and males and females shave their heads. Ceremonial tools are a small sword made of brass and a fine leather whip braided with red gold. Alternating colors of red and orange are the norm for adventuring followers of the Blazing Killer. This is normally accomplished with patches of one color sewn onto clothes of the other color, strips of both colors tied in elaborate knots, or with vivid body paints. The clergy of Pyremius are known as deathseekers.

Pyremius appears as a grotesque man who facially resembles a jermlaine. He has many human worshipers as well as worshipers among the jermlaine, firenewts, and grimlocks.

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