Conventional: (House Heshun rulers who are only responsible to Prince Barzhaan); AL LN/LE; 800gp limit; Assets 68,800 gp; Population 1726; Mixed (human O/S/F (1339), half-orc (145), dwarf (84), orc (55), halfling (35), gnome (34), elf (18), half-elf (16).

Authority Figures: Lord Naudus Heshun (LE male human Aristocrat L6/Cleric of Zilchus L3).

Important Characters: Lady Oerin Heshun (LN female human Aristocrat L6); Seraster of House Heshun (LE male human Wizard L8), son of Lord Naudus and Lady Oerin; Annarin of House Heshun (LN female human Fighter L2/Ranger L1/Cleric of Hextor L3/Pious Templar L3), daughter of same; Standeu Shalworth (LN male human Fighter L7), squire; Derren Darakson (LN male dwarf Expert L9), dwarven “Ambassador”; Judragth (NE male orc Fighter L5/Barbarian L1), commander of the Brute Squads; Theusus (N male human Bard L7), leader of the Aerdy Re-Enactment Company; Dermenes (LE male human Cleric of Hextor L7/Warpriest L4), High Priest of Hextor in the Principality of Naerie; Nheia Arkangel (LN female human Cleric of Wee Jas L5/swashbuckler L1), presiding priestess of Wee Jas; Girash (N male half-orc Commoner L12), harbormaster; Fenk Manaran (LN male human Rogue L3/Fighter L3), town executioner; Ernion (LN male human Cleric of Zilchus L5), the high priest of Zilchus in Poelitz.

Poelitz is a small coastal town that is the main settlement and trade center in the Barony of Foelt. The town was badly damaged during the occupation by the Scarlet Brotherhood (584-586 CY). After the Brotherhood was defeated by the armies of South Province in 586 CY, rebuilding commenced in key parts of the town. Today, the principal exports from Poelitz are goods made from bronze and copper, grain, salt, fish, ships and shipbuilding supplies (mainly sail canvas and ropes), and some glassware. Imports include timber, iron, and precious metals.

Even from afar, it is clear that Poelitz is a town with a dual personality. The small town sits on the shore of the Azure Sea, protected on the landward sides by an earth embankment and wooden ramparts. An impressive, new port and neat rows of grand town houses stand alongside the dilapidated buildings of the Poelitz slums. Paved roads dissect the small town and head out through the gates to the west, north and east. The scars of war, nine years past, are still evident in the blackened shells of buildings that make up the south-east quarter of Poelitz.

The town center is bounded by a stout, stone wall. Upon the battlements, armored half-orcs and humans walk side by side, keeping watch over the town beneath. But towering over the wall, in the heart of Poelitz, are the most imposing buildings of all.

Standing three or four stories high, the roofs of these structures are topped by minarets or covered in bronze so that the skyline shines like a sliver of flame. The town is a showcase for talent, ambition and wealth – if one can ignore the abject poverty beneath that veneer.

Law Enforcement: The streets are patrolled by the Heshun guard. They are quite well equipped, but not highly trained and compensate for it by moving in large groups of 6 to 9 with one officer. Heshun guards are equipped with hide armor, halberd, light crossbow and hand axe in addition to usual guard items.

The Heshun guard also has a small number of specialized Brute Squads’ of orcs and half-orcs who are tasked not only with catching criminals, but also to keep the population under control. That does not mean they go around hitting people for the sake of it, but should anyone cause trouble, such as agitating against House Heshun, these brute squads are quick to arrive on the scene and deal with the troublemaker. Brute squads wear breastplate and carry “sticks” (orc term for sap), tower shields and light flails.

Punishment: Law in Poelitz follows Ahlissan law as it is written, with one exception – enemies of the State (Brotherhood members, Knights of the Chase, etc.) who are executed are animated as skeletons by clerics of Hextor so they cannot be returned to life, and then they are placed into the so-called ‘Vault’ (a chamber under the temple of Hextor). If the city is ever threatened, Hextorites will release them against the enemies, allowing them to absolve their sins by helping the people of Poelitz. Other Hextorite churches in Naerie have decided not to adopt this practice.

Barony of Foelt


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