Plain of Spears

Itar, Sulm’s ancient enemy, was crushed on the Plain of Spears in a battle that some say is still fought to this day by the ghosts of those slain long ago. Nothing grows in this bleak and wretched plain, named after the countless man-tall outcroppings of rock in the area. Incessant winds that seem laden with the sorrows of all who fell here gust across the desolate landscape. Determined explorers often return depleted in numbers but bearing ancient weapons imbued with great power. Often they tell of attacks in the dead of night by spirits clad in the trappings of fallen kingdoms and of their companions driven mad by the ceaseless wind.

This grim, desolate wasteland of rock, rubble, and blowing sand is the site of the kingdom of Sulm’s final battle against the neighboring kingdom of Itar, its last rival for power in the region. Ancient fragments of metal, bones and the remnants of weapons lie scattered everywhere. the howl of the wind is a constant companion.

Local legend claims that the site is infested with swordwraiths. Each night, it is said, the creatures continue to fight their final battle, as well as any unfortunates who happen to wander into the region. The plain is a place of sad tales and evil repute, and would be best avoided were it not for the rumors of lost treasure and fabulous enchanted weapons to be found there.

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Plain of Spears

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