Pirates of the Gearnat and Azure Seas

As befits sea-lanes that have traditionally seen heavy use by merchants and trading companies, the Azure and Gearnat Seas have long been infested with pirates, privateers, and slavers. Many of these individuals, like Blidg Fanger, operated with relative impunity from the port of Blue in the Pomarj but many others have their base of operations much closer to Onnwal.

The Storm Isles, located in the Gearnat, and the Hezarin and Saernedd (Serpent) Isles, in the Azure, are used by pirates and like individuals as bases to strike at passing shipping. Some work for the Scarlet Brotherhood, others have sided with the Resistance. The vast majority, however, cares little for the struggle wracking the mainland and will strike at any vessel they find.

The Slave Lords: An organization of slavers who have terrorized the lands surrounding the Sea of Gearnat for over two decades. The group’s modus operandi has generally been to raid coastal villages for slaves, aboard ships with yellow sails.

Baren Harnsheer: A pirate without a ship and outwardly poor in appearance, Baren is extremely bitter. He travels the Isles stirring up resentment against Wuthur the Wild. He has been rumored to have dealings with the Brotherhood.

Black Kristoph: A man feared by all that know him, Kristoph is known to prey on mages and to covet magic above all else. An elderly but extremely charismatic man, he is arrogant and vicious. His ship, the Reaver, is crewed by a crew fanatically loyal to him. Black Kristoph had such a large bounty on his head before the Wars that even fellow pirates attempted to collect it. His last vessel, the Black Ram, was sunk beneath him and in the ensuing fight he lost his right hand to Wuthur the Wild.

Jokra of Blue: A Half-Orc that operates mainly around the Storm Isles and the Storm Coast, she deals in soma seed and retchweed. Known to have some small skill with magic, she is ever hungry for knowledge both magical and mundane.

Wuthur the Wild: This powerful warrior captains the Sea Serpent, a cog that can be found prowling the seas around the Storm Isles. He preys on any vessel that crosses his path and, as a result, both sides in the conflict bear him enmity. He acquired the Sea Serpent from Baren Harnsheer, who is known to hate him, after a duel. Wuthur has a wide collection of enemies including Huthor Draug and Black Kristoph. In 591 CY, Wuthur signed a pact with Szek Jian granting him a pardon from his past crimes in return for a Letter of Marque to attack the shipping of the Brotherhood and their allies. Wuthur is also expected to come to the aid of the Free State if asked and vice versa. Whether the pirate has any intention of honoring this agreement is a matter of some speculation and doubt in many quarters.

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Pirates of the Gearnat and Azure Seas

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