Pholtus of the Blinding Light
Intermediate Deity

Portfolio: Light, Resolution, Law, Order, Inflexibility, Sun, Moons
Symbol: Full moon partially eclipsed by a smaller crescent moon
Alignment: Lawful good (LN)
Core Worshipers: Oeridians
Domains: Glory* (CD), Good, Inquisition* (CD), Knowledge, Law, Purification* (CD), Sun.
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Description: Pholtus (FOHL-tus) is a stern Oeridian guardian of unbending Law, depicted as a tall, slender man in a white robe, with fair skin and hair, and eyes that shine with the fires of devotion. He carries the Staff of the Silvery Sun, an ivory object shod in silver and topped by an electrum sun-disk. His holy symbol is a full moon (Luna) partially eclipsed by a smaller crescent moon (Celene). He believes that he is the authority on Law and the natural order, which makes him unpopular with other gods. He particularly despises the Oeridian wind gods and is opposed by St. Cuthbert. “The One True Way is a strict path, but guarantees rightness. Show no tolerance for those who do not give all for the cause of Law. Fanaticism in the name of the Blinding Light is praiseworthy, and Law’s champions shall be rewarded in the era when chaos has been vanquished.” This church does not have much respect for those of other religions, especially chaotic ones. The anthem of the worshipers is “O Blinding Light”; the church has three ascending orders: Glimmering (preferring white garments), Gleaming (preferring white and silver), and Shining (preferring white, silver, and gold). Clerics of the Blinding Light are expected to bring the word to unbelievers, and brook no argument against this practice. This quest means they must travel far from their churches, usually in groups should unbelievers and heretics turn hostile. They smite chaos where they find it, and Evil once chaos is rooted out. These clerics get along well with conservative paladins. When not preaching, they act as judges, lawyers, and arbiters.

Pholtus is a Power with a fixed resolve to show all creatures the One True Path. This “Path” allows no deviation, but gives absolute assurance of Tightness. Pholtus is the sternest guardian of unbending Law, and a defender of rightful and just order. He is portrayed as a tall, slender man, clad in a white silk robe, with pale skin, flowing white hair, and bright blue eyes that shine with the inner fire of devotion. He always wears a silky white gown and a cassock trimmed with gold and silver and embroidered with suns and moons. He holds an ivory staff shod with silver and topped with an electrum disc, the Silvery Sun.

Worshipers of Pholtus are often rigid, unbending folk, and many have taken refuge in a religion of such certainty after the war. The Theocracy of the Pale worships Pholtus in his Lawful Neutral aspect. There is friction between that nation and its priesthood and those who accept the image of Pholtus as a champion of good. Many paladins and some warriors revere Pholtus.

Services to Pholtus take place in consecrated buildings decorated in white. They include candle-burning and long sermons. The anthem of the worshipers is “O Blinding Light.”

Pholtus’s Priests
This priesthood is most active in urban districts. Priests continually seek to reveal the light of Pholtus to unbelievers. They brook no arguments, of course, and are generally disliked by most other priesthoods (especially those of the rival St. Cuthbert, and chaotic priests). The priesthood is well organized and strongly hierarchical; priests of levels 1-4 are Glimmering priests, those of levels 5-8 the Gleaming priests, those of levels 9 + the Shining priests. Priests of Pholtus are expected to observe stringent standards of morality and righteousness.

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