Suloise goddess of sea voyages, ships and sailors
The Sea Princess, Lady of the Waves.
Lesser power of the Elemental Plane of Water

Portfolio: Sea Voyages, Ships, Sailors
Symbol: A barracuda or a sperm whale.
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Domains: Law, Protection, Travel, Water, Weather* (CD).
Favored Weapon: Trident (m)

Description: Osprem (AH-sprem) is a generally benign goddess, revered by the Suel people as the protector of those who travel on the water and is venerated by sailors and fishermen. She is more compassionate than her occasional companion Xerbo, yet she is not averse to punishing those who offend her or disobey her laws. Osprem is usually depicted as a beautiful human woman in a flowing gown, or as a dolphin, barracuda, or sperm whale; the latter two are interchangeably used as her holy symbol. She wears no armor but is protected by a ring carved from a whale’s tooth, given to her by the grandfather of all whales. She is a rival of Procan.

“The seas provide a bounty of food and a means of travel; protect the sea as you would your own home, or face Osprem’s wrath. She protects those who sail and their vessels as long as they respect her and abide by her laws. She guides vessels through dangerous waters and is the patron goddess of naval explorers.”

Those who defy her laws are punished by storms of ice, and it is said entire towns were wiped out because of serious transgressions against her. Her clerics are skilled navigators and often become the spiritual leaders of communities that rely on the sea for survival. Many gain political power for themselves based on the need for their abilities. Clerics not tied to one place might travel a great deal by ship; though they feel awkward away from the ocean, they are comfortable enough near lakes or rivers to venture inland. Ceremonial garb includes blue robes or brass armor decorated with symbols of ships, dolphins, barracuda, and whales.

Osprem is worshiped in many seaports touching the Azure Sea, and in the Lordship of the Isles and on Lendore Isle. She is rarely worshiped in the northern or western areas of the Flanaess.

In the days of old Idee, Osprem’s faith was especially popular, and it still holds an important place in the day-to-day life of the Principality of Naerie. Her worship in Naerie is centered in Gornor’s Cove, where lies the burial site of Saint Idee of the Sails, an important figure of the church texts. Also based in Gornor’s Cove is the monastic order, Followers of the Wave, who practice unarmed combat techniques adapted from the Scarlet Brotherhood monks. Osprem’s faithful in Naerie are led by Nuran (NG female human cleric of Osprem L5/divine oracle L2/contemplative L2), who is also the de facto leader of Gornor’s Cove, as her popular support and leadership capabilities are far greater than Baron Eberic Lyrthi’s, the de jure governor’s.

Osprem’s clergy often wear gold- or brass-colored armor that is finely decorated. Clerical vestments are blue, decorated with pictures or embroidery of ships, dolphins, whales, or barracudas. Her clergy can pray for spells of fire if they wish.

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