Osfelred (Greenrock)

Conventional: (an elected Village Council decides important matters); AL NG; 100gp limit; Assets 850gp; Population 172; Isolated (human O/S (164), halfling (4), elf (2), half-elf (2).

Authority Figures: Varsarlor (male human aristocrat 1), eldest of the hamlet.

Important Characters: Felmeren (LN male human Warrior L5), constable, Captain of the Guard and member of the Council; Zargarn (N male human Warrior L2), deputy; Riannara, (LN female human Warrior L2) deputy; Karlhaser (N male humanCommoner L11), Master of the Farmers and member of the Council; Fionoyan (NG female human Cleric of Atroa L2), High Priestess of Atroa’s shrine and member of the Council; Cranelarn “Beacon” Gyraldren (LG male human Paladin of Heironeous L1); Saracern (N male half-elf Ranger L1), Master of the Hunters and member of the Council; Ejuak Sverann (CG male human Fighter L6), keeper of the Boar’s Fortitude Inn; Westor Greenfeet (CG female halfling Bard L2), keeper of Westor’s Goods; Zamyr Quillson (CG male halfling Adept L1); Silquesar Casfelrath (N female elf Druid L4).

Osfelred is a small hamlet on the edge of a tiny stream, Rockpath (Esselfern). The hamlet is an agricultural community of ordinary hardworking people. The layout of the hamlet is scattered, and the center only contains a few public buildings. Osfelred’s more familiar name is Greenrock, after the green-mossed rock in the Rockpath stream. Osfelred is next to Sarwych Forest, and many residents use a small trail that goes through it to take their seasonal good into the market at Eragern.

In 594 CY, Greenrock attracted attention after a group of adventurers penetrated a devastated temple of Pyremius, the Venomous Temple, near the remote village of Osfelred (Greenrock). In exploring the temple the adventurers discovered a hidden tomb of Pyremius worshippers in the Sarwych Forest and Ahlissan army later posted guards around it. They freed an “oracle” of Pyremius, Shesfeh. The adventurers discovered that a glabrezu destroyed the temple and trapped Shesfeh when a binding spell was botched. The adventurers did not have the resources to deal with the glabrezu and avoided it.

The temple sits within the territory of House Drien, vassal of House Oedil. House Drien has posted a watch over the destroyed temple to keep out both the unwary and the ill intentioned.

Barony of Ingmalt

Osfelred (Greenrock)

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