Orz (pop. 300) is a small but prosperous fishing town east of Hardby. it was founded in 542 cy by a Naelax prince and his children, who arrived in Hardby from Ahlissa. Renouncing all titles in their homeland, they renamed themselves the House of Orz (the Old Oeridian word for “humble”), and set about building a new life and a new town. Bringing their wealth with them. they chose a pleasant spot on the bay and hired laborers from Hardby to build them the first homes of Orz. Although they were feared at first, they were pleasant, if distant. Soon others came to settle there when it was found how good the fishing was in that area.

Since then, Orz has grown into a prosperous fishing village. The settlement is noteworthy for two things— the ingenious Orz Fishing Crossbow that the fishermen of the village use, and the Orz Auroras, apparently harmless and non-magical lights that appear in the skies over tire town at least once 3 week.

The people of Orz have developed a variant crossbow for hunting the larger fish of the bay. Weighing 20 pounds, it can hold a slightly larger barbed hook (usually attached to a strong silk line) and can even be fired underwater (at half the normal range). The weapons have become quite popular in the Wild Coast, as their punch is usually enough to take out a goblin and often can fell a strong orc with one hit.

The village of Orz is the only notable community within Hardby’s sphere of influence. It is significant to adventurers in that it is the last bastion of civilization before the wilderness of the Abbor-Alz and the Bright Desert. It is also the first place adventurers can find a pint of ale after a month in that same wilderness. Orz is of strategic importance, and the Greyhawk Infantry and the Mountaineers have a garrison here. If humanoids or bandits try to make a raid on Hardby, they have to go through Orz first.

Greyhawk Mountaineer’s Garrison: This medium-sized keep houses the Greyhawk land forces sent to protect the south and eastern frontiers of the domain.

Orz’s Pub: This historical pub is often filled with farmers and soldiers. The prices are somewhat high, but the farmers all seem to have a line of credit that is not offered to soldiers or adventurers. Orz’s pub even has a “death pool” where the locals place bets on which adventurers are likely to return after setting off for their fortunes.

The Orz Village Market: The Orz Village Market is an excellent place to find those items one forgot to purchase before setting forth on the trail. It is also a place to find fresh food after spending weeks eating iron rations. The prices are somewhat high, and again, one never sees the locals paying for anything, just placing things on credit.

Orz is also known for the strange aurora-like lights that appear at least once a week in its skies. The lights are visible for over a mile and provide as much light as a crescent moon. The lights are only about 300 feet above the town and do not radiate magic; the Gynarchs have examined them thoroughly and have pronounced them harmless. The village is otherwise typical for a community its size.

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