One Ford

This village of 410 people has expanded in size recently, due to the growing importance of the road to Narwell which can be forded here. Previously, its history was similar to that of Two Ford, inasmuch as it was a way-station on the way to Hardby, providing services, food, and accommodation, but little in the way of merchanting. All this has stimulated the local economy, and many young farm lads have come to the village looking for work in the militia, as laborers at the keep, or hoping for adventures farther afield.

Small-scale boat building has also begun to thrive here, with the punts used by the Water Rats being constructed here of wood shipped over from the fringes of the Gnarley Forest, often via Five Oaks.

One Ford’s major claim to fame is its population of edible gravel eels that are harvested each fall. It is said that Zagyg blasted the great pits into existence while searching for some hidden magical treasure (sought from time to time by hopeful adventurers). Over the decades, they have filled with rainwater to form small but very deep pools in which the green-skinned eels feed on a rare freshwater weed. Adult eels are boiled alive and sold in barrels of jelly; younger eels are fried in omelets with herbs.

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Selintan River

One Ford

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