God-above all, of the near-and-close, he who is at the center
Greater Power of a parallel Prime Material Plane

Symbol: A footprint, or an infinity sign
Home Plane: a parallel Prime Material Plane
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Creation
Superior: none
Alias: Ometecutli, Omeciuatl
Core Worshipers: Olman
Cleric Alignments:
Favored Weapon:

Ometeotl is a personification of the Olman principle of duality, both male and female, negative and positive, and light and shadow. He can even be thought of as two separate gods, Ometecutli and Omeciuatl. In a sense, he is the embodiment of the universe, and all things are part of him. No statue or image of Ometeotl has ever been made, for he is as invisible as the wind. The only image of Ometeotl that can be detected is his footprints. At will, Ometeotl can create anything he wishes without tiring.

Relationships: Ometeotl is the progenitor of the Olman pantheon.

Clergy: Ometeotl’s clerics are free to behave any way they like.

As with most Olman priests, priests of Ometeotl must choose a direction to pray to at the beginning of their careers. Clerics of the east wear red, clerics of the south wear yellow, clerics of the west wear black, and clerics of the north wear white.

Temples: Olman temples are usually step pyramids with entrances at the bottom corresponding to the four points of a compass.

Rituals and holy days: Rituals to the Olman deities are typically performed every 20 days, corresponding to the various “signs” of the divinatory calendar. Each sign is ruled by a different deity. Sacrifices may take many forms, depending on the god. The public is required to attend every ritual, held at the temple of the appropriate god.

Ometeotl’s clerics must donate 10% of their wealth and every third magic item they acquire to Ometeotl’s temple. They are also expected to offer half of each meal they eat to their god.

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