Old Town of Dyvers

Old Town is another lower-class part of Dyvers. It has the same sorts of buildings, businesses, and establishments as the Dock District, but it caters to commoners with professions other than sailors and dockworkers, such as craftsmen, unskilled laborers, bodyguards, gamblers, visiting traders, shipwrights, poor merchants, and unsuccessful adventurers. There tends to be a lot of overlap between this area and the Dock District, especially during festivals, and the town watch makes sure to stay visible during the night. People with a reasonable amount of income usually try to move to the Trades District.

Notable Locations in Old Town:

Old Town’s north end is defined by Black Street. Its east end is Lighthouse Street, and its southwest border is the west city wall. The southeast portion of Old Town is broken by the low, broad hill that elevates the Royal Grounds above the city.

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Old Town of Dyvers

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