Oeridian Personality and Culture

Oeridians are aggressive, determined, impulsive, rugged, straightforward and pragmatic. Oeridians are taught from the earliest age to respect authority and those who bear arms. Their interests lay in exploration, hunting, fighting and empire building. The history of their people give them right to boast.

Oeridians are prone to take charge in difficult situations and yet they respect their superiors and sacrifice for the good of whatever cause or group they believe in. Oeridians are known for their enjoyment of songs, celebration, physical games and battle. All Oeridians are short tempered, however those that succeed in controlling these emotions are often highly regarded by other races.

There are three prominent Oeridian tribes: The Aerdi, best known for establishing The Great Kingdom. The Nyrondal of the Kingdom of Nyrond and the Vollar of the Prelacy of Veluna are the other two prominent tribes of Oeridians. Other tribes do exist — or have existed — but they have become intermingled with other cultures.

The Kingdom of Furyondy has a significant Vollar presence on its border with the Prelacy of Veluna, however the Vollar on both sides of the border have intermingled extensively with the other peoples of these nations.

The greatest example of Oeridian dominion was the Great Kingdom. The Great Kingdom once covered nearly a third of the Flannaess, but is now but a shadow of what it once was, having splintered into two separate and distinct kingdoms: North Kingdom and The United Kingdom of Ahlissa. Neither of these current kingdoms is in control of the former capital of Rauxes. Decades of infighting, magical atrocities and the tramping of undead armies across the land have devastated the area around the former capital.

Most Oeridians now living in these lands tend to be less than straightforward compared to their brothers in other lands, being much more conniving and preferring to avoid direct conflict. They seek instead to manipulate their adversaries, such as their Suloise neighbors. They are much more adept at subterfuge and political intrigue than they are at fighting. This attitude has served to lessen both the military presence and influence of the Church of Hextor.

The Kingdoms of Furyondy and Nyrond, as well as the former Shield Lands, are able to boast Oeridians of purest blood. Though the Shield Lands have been overrun by the forces of Iuz, the Oeridians still living there show real determination and the fierce spirit of the race. The Oeridians in these lands continue the struggle against the occupying forces of Iuz, the only exception being the Oeridians of Nyrond.

The Oeridians of Nyrond mirror the condition of the Kingdom itself, they are poverty stricken. This situation leaves them in a very poor position to wage an offensive war against the “Old One.” However, the Oeridians of Nyrond remain ever vigilant of the Old One’s designs on their territories and are prepared, though their stance must be defensive in nature.

The “warrior code” is forever present within the minds and hearts of the Oeridian peoples and they find ways to defend their lands regardless of their circumstances. Defensively, Furyondy is currently in the best shape of all the Oeridian nations, due to their being aided in securing their borders by their Velunese neighbors. In addition, the Church of Heironious has an ever growing influence amongst the Oeridian peoples in these two nations and the Priests and Paladins of His church are highly regarded by the peoples of these two kingdoms. The Oeridian peoples have learned to work well with other human races and nowhere is this truth more evident than in the Sheldomar valley and the Kingdom of Keoland. In Keoland a minority of Oeridian and Suloise nobles enjoy a peaceful rule over a Flannae majority.

In the Prelacy of Veluna, a considerable population of intermingled Oeridian and Flannae peoples also live together peacefully. Rao serves as this nation’s chief deity, but the church of Heironious is also well represented on the nation’s Theocratic Council. The Oeridian peoples of Keoland and Veluna are much more in control of their emotions then are their brethren in other nations and are therefore less likely to fall prone to the more traditional overreaction of Oeridians.

A great many Oeridians grow-up to become warriors. Being instilled from early childhood with a profound respect for men and women of martial prowess most Oeridians have studied at least one melee weapon by the time they reach adulthood.

The skill of manufacturing weapons and armor is also highly respected among the Oeridian peoples. Even dwarves have been known to admire the Oeridians’ skill in this area. A naturally nimble people, acrobatic skills such as dancing and tumbling are often manifested in Oeridians from all walks of life.


Oeridian Personality and Culture

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