Although this is in the Welkwood rather than the Gnarley itself, this location is considered here because its importance and influence is felt by all wood elves.

Home to the six Loremasters of Clan Enlanefel, this vast oak stands 240 feet tall and has a breathtaking appearance. All around its thick bark, great knotted veins can be seen endlessly pulsing in a slow, peristaltic motion. High in the branches, among silvered green leaves, trailing vine ropes and ladders lead to the lofty tree houses of the elves. There are only 25 of them, but they have powerful defenses; unicorns and talking owls supplement the brownie and pixie spies around, three great treants of largest size ring the oak, and a veritable storm of owls and hawks (mixed!) would assault anyone trying to assail the oak.

Enlanefel’s resident elves are powerful; some are druids, some wizards, some priests of CorelIon, Labelas, and Sehanine, and of course, there are the Loremasters.

The Loremasters have their own spacious tree house homes, each replete with a great archive of elven culture and history. These archives take extraordinary forms; none of the human taste for libraries stuffed with paper and vellum lurks here. Rather, beautiful crystal vases can be handled by elves to reveal history and lore by direct mental revelation. Sculpted wooden birds fly in complex patterns revealing secret symbols and symmetries of the world. Those who rest here dream of the historic past in vivid color and sound. The Loremasters have their own unique staves (they store lore revealed to those touching them), planting them into the ground and communing with nature, summoning ageless jannee who speak of earth’s secrets, and using them to draw forth secrets in myriad other ways. Oakvein is not a magical place; rather, it is magic. Magic runs through every cell of every being here.

Oakvein is very difficult to find; impenetrable hallucinatory terrains, veils, and other illusions enshroud it. Nonelves will virtually never locate it, unless acting in the direct service of an elven Power or accompanied by an elf. Wood elves of other clans do not come here unless their need is great, or unless they come to seek The Leaving. The Loremasters and clan elves here are mystics, long in their contemplation and slow to action. Their concerns are mostly transcendent ones, and only a major threat to a great swath of the woodlands or the elven race would rouse them forth to battle.

Gnarley Forest


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