North Hills of Greyhawk

The scattered extension of the Cairn Hills extending all the way to the very wall of the city. Groves of birch and quaking aspen dot the land. It is not uncommon for a deer or other wild creature to approach to within touching distance of the city wall here, for there are no settlements or farmsteads on this side of the city.

Notable Settlements and Locations within the North Hills:

Instead, the region from the city north to the first crest of the Cairn Hills was designated by Zagig as parkland. It is hunted on a very limited basis, only by the archers of the City Watch, and no one is allowed to live there.

The open fields of the park are speckled with flowers during all seasons except midwinter. The colors of the blossoms change as the tulips of spring give way to the daisies of early summer, and so forth through a delightful progression of shades and hues. Though many types of flowers have been planted here to achieve this effect, they have been placed in scattered locations. A viewer sees wild flowers, not the carefully tended products of the gardener’s art.

The hills tend to slope upward away from the city, though many of the mansions and estates in the High Quarter are on high land that might properly be considered the southernmost elevations of the Cairn Hills. Though some of these hills look down onto the parkland immediately beyond the city wall. the slopes quickly climb to the north.

The residents of the city, especially those of wealth and leisure, visit the park frequently. Several pairs of young lovers can usually be seen, strolling arm in arm through the flowered meadows. Families make outings here, and children often run and tumble across the grass and flowers. Small springs bubble from several of the shady hollows, spilling into the Selintan River.

In autumn the leaves turn bright shades of red and gold and the aspens blaze with a brilliance that can be seen from most high places in the city.

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Gem of the Flanaess

North Hills of Greyhawk

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