Necropolis of Unaagh

Once Sulm’s most sacred site, the location of this vast necropolis is well known to the desert’s inhabitants. Originally a place of great beauty and tranquility, Unaagh is now a travesty of its former self. Laid out in a great grid, Unaagh was composed of many rows of mausoleums inter-spaced with gardens, tranquil lakes, and shrines dedicated to the memory of the departed. In the very center of the necropolis arose a black-stoned ziggurat from which the whole necropolis was visible. Now all lies in ruins, and what beauty once existed here has been eradicated by the harsh elements that constantly work to reduce Unaagh to naught but a memory.

Here, interred in many-tiered mausoleums, lay Sulm’s elite. Now the ruins teem with a vast legion of undead commanded by Drokkas (LE male lich Wizard L18) a one-time rival of Shattados. Mercifully, these undead seem bound here by some unknown agency and are unable to leave this place, crumbling to dust if they attempt to do so.

This site is well known to the Bright Desert nomads, but it is never spoken of openly. The ancient burial ground of Sulm now lies rotting beneath the desert sun, ravaged by winds and scoured by sand. The necropolis consists of row upon row of long, tiered mausoleums, all filled with the mortal remains of Sulmish nobles, sorcerers, kings, and priests. The necropolis was once a place of considerable beauty, with ornately carved and decorated buildings, pleasant gardens and shrines where mourners could remember the departed. Unaagh is now a place of ruin and decay.

The nomads believe the necropolis to be filled with gold and other treasures in the form of funerary offerings and personal wealth interred with its owners. But the nomads cannot easily be persuaded to discuss the place. The treasure is not unguarded, of course, for undead roam the necropolis in huge numbers. A vast army of skeletons, ghouls, zombies, crypt things, Sons of Kyuss, and other creatures roams the streets each night, and prowls the buildings by day, swarming after any living thing encountered.

The undead exist only in the region of the necropolis. The undead that move or are carried even a few yards from its buildings immediately collapse into inanimate heaps of bone. Whether the undead exist to protect the riches hidden in the necropolis or as a further ghoulish effect of Shattados’s curse, no one knows. The nomads know only that the city is a shunned, evil place, one which travelers are well advised to avoid.

Rary’s forces have made several attempts to explore these ruins, most ending in disaster. In 591 CY, Rary himself came here and bested the dark lord of Unaagh in a magical duel of epic proportions. Much of the black ziggurat was destroyed in the magical conflagration that also consumed many lesser undead. Since Rary’s exploration of the ruins, observers have reported a great pall of black smoke handing motionless over the necropolis, resting the attempts of even the strongest winds to dissipate it.

Rary has sent search parties to the necropolis to search for the scorpion crown, or to at least find clues as to its location. So far, none has returned, leading Rary to consider visiting the site personally, but well-equipped with defensive spells and escape devices, of course.

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Necropolis of Unaagh

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