The Gladiator

Symbol: A chain wrapped around a short sword
Home Plane:
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Insects, Industriousness
Worshipers: Suel
Cleric Alignments:
Domains: Luck, War.
Favored Weapon: Crowdpleaser (+1 defending short sword)

Description: Nazarn (NAZZ-arn) is a half-orc god of ritualistic and public combat, such as honorable duels and gladiator matches. Once a popular gladiator slave owned by a member of the Scarlet Brotherhood, Nazarn escaped from his racist captors to find a better place for himself in the world. He was fortunate to encounter and impress a half-giant descendant of Kord, and eventually convinced the Brawler to elevate him to godhood after defeating all opponents (including a young green dragon) in a Hepmonaland arena run by yuan-ti. Nazarn is honorable but cares little for moral debate, seeking only the freedom to do what he wants and have a fair fight in the arena. He appears as an older half-orc with a strongly orcish appearance and hair that is rapidly graying to white. He is usually shown with his short sword Crowdpleaser. His symbol is a chain wrapped around a short sword.

“Answer a challenge with honor and bravery. Never fight at anything but your best. Know when you should please the crows and when you should focus on your foe, for a flamboyant warrior often ends up dead if he underestimates his adversary. Avoid dirty fighting unless it is purely for sport. Offer mercy to a defeated foe if you can, but finish them if they have fought without honor or broken the combat’s accepted rules of conduct. Be inspiring to those who fight on your side and those who would emulate you in the future, for your legacy will survive you.”

Nazarn’s clerics work as professional duelists or gladiators, act as officiators and seconds in formal duels, and minister to gladiators and similar combatants. They adventure to seek out new heroes of the arena in distant cities, to test their mettle against unusual foes, and to collect trophies and scars that add to their reputations.

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