Conventional hamlet
Regional Alignment: NG
Population: 432; Human.

This black stone castle towers over a rocky cliff top at the village of Seawolf Point. It was built in 107 CY by Overking Manshen, and named for his belief in how long the Great Kingdom would reign. It was also one of the last stands of the Almorian military. Duke Szeffrin and a portion of his forces laid siege to the keep for three months, ceasing only with the Pact of Greyhawk. The surviving Almorian’s were allowed safe passage to Nyrond, where they were eventually assimilated into Nyrond’s Legions.

The dark forces of Duke Szeffrin’s army gleefully took ownership of the keep (having already razed the local town). One of the many unmentionable acts inflicted by Duke Szeffrin’s forces involved the priests, who used unholy rites to create various undead of the bodies of those slain in defending the keep. So many undead were created, they overflowed the extensive catacomb complex, and were periodically floated up the coast to Mithat in hopes of infecting the people of Nyrond.

Since Nyrond returned, the First Legion has reclaimed ownership of the Keep and the surrounding town has begun to rebuild, but the catacombs have been sealed until such a time as they can be dealt with. The keep is manned by a small force, which prefers to stay in the remains of the town, away from the moans and periodic pounding that sometimes escape the depths of the catacombs.

The Former Lands of Almor


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