Lesser Power of the Prime Material Plane

Symbol: A snake coiled around a skull
Home Plane: Prime Material Plane/Oerth/Hepmonaland
Alignment: Neutral evil (CE)
Portfolio: Serpents, Poison, Discord, Darkness, Famine
Superior: Uvot
Alias: none
Core Worshipers: Touv
Cleric Alignments:
Domains: Animal, Destruction, Evil, Pestilence* (CD), Trickery.
Favored Weapon: (dagger of venom)

Description: Meyanok, born of darkness and pain, is the progenitor of all other evil gods of the Touv pantheon. He seeks to corrupt the rest of his family and control or destroy their servant, preferring subterfuge to overt action since he is outnumbered. He is always shown as a serpent coiled around a skull. Priests of the serpent god are reclusive and don’t often deal with strangers, at least not openly. They work through agents, many of whom are charmed, to disrupt civilization and harm the worshipper of other gods, and have been known to make human sacrifices. Ceremonial garb includes a snakeskin headdress or cloak.

Relationships: Meyanok was born when the pain of Breeka’s childbirth mingled with the darkness. He is the progenitor of Vara, Damaran, and Berna, who hatched from eggs spawned from the mating of Meyanok’s anger and lust.

Dogma: Meyanok seeks to corrupt the rest of his family and control or destroy their servants. He prefers subterfuge to overt action, as he is outnumbered by the non-evil gods.

Clergy: Meyanok’s shamans and priests are reclusive, avoiding dealing with strangers openly. More commonly they work through agents, many of them ensnared with charm spells, to disrupt civilization and to harm the worshipers of other gods. They have been known to sacrifice humans to their deity. Their favored weapon is the dagger, and they may also wield the atl-atl, hand axe, javelin, short bow, and short sword. On ceremonial occasions they wear snakeskin headdresses or cloaks.

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