The Shield Maiden

Portfolio: Protection, Justice, Valor
Symbol: A shield with a bastard sword, sunburst two golden spheres, and two victory runes
Alignment: Lawful good
Core Worshipers: Flan and Oeridians
Domains: Good, Law, Nobility* (CW, Ss), Protection, War.
Favored Weapon: Bastard sword (m)

Description: Mayaheine (MY-ah-heen) is a recently ascended paladin of Pelor, brought here from another world to help fight the powers of darkness and evil. She is portrayed as a strikingly tall (6’ 4") woman of some 30 years of age, tanned of skin, with blue eyes and auburn-gold hair. She wears silvered plate mail and hefts a magical bastard sword. Her shield, Hope’s Champion, turns back evil magic upon its source, and is said to be capable of melding into stone and protecting city walls from fire, frost, and magical assault. Her bastard sword Triumph stuns fiends and tyrants with a touch.

She is a fine warrior, but above all, she is a protector. Tales of her always involve her seeking out protective magical items and giving them to others in need, and fighting to defend beleaguered communities. Mayaheine strives to defend the poor and downtrodden. She is a defender-on-the-ramparts figure, armed with a deadly longbow said to fire almost to the horizon. Her holy symbol is a shield with a bastard sword, sunburst, two golden sphere and two victory runes.

“Protect those who need it. For good to survive it is necessary to defend the weak and innocent. Bravery, strength of mind, and perseverance in times of hardship or danger are virtues, and adherence to the concepts of justice, fairness, and righteousness are essential. Obedience to Pelor the Sun Father is as important as devotion to the Shield Maiden. Just as Mayaheine traveled a long way to aid our world, it may be necessary for the faithful to travel far to uphold her word.”

Mayaheine’s Priests
This priesthood is still organizing itself, often under the auspices of priests of Pelor, to whom Mayaheine’s priests are most respectful. The priests are often young, and they train for combat using self-defense exercises. Traveling priests aid border communities in constructing defenses.

Clerics of Mayaheine train themselves and others in self-defense. They help build town walls and other protective constructions; many take roles as community leaders, their devotion to justice and good making them excellent judges. They travel to prove their bravery, right wrongs, and to destroy strongholds of evil. This faith sponsors many paladins and is friendly with paladins of other faiths as well. They are always respectful of clerics of Pelor, for their religion wouldn’t’ exist on Oerth if it weren’t for him.

Services to Mayaheine include hymn singing with the congregation linking arms, consecration of weapons, armor, and shields, and collection of alms for the needy. Her priests are few, since the cult is young.

Paladins of Mayaheine

The cult of Mayaheine is one considerably on the increase in beleaguered, nonevil Flanaess lands, for Mayaheine is a demipower of protection and survival. Mayaheine rose from mortal ranks as an epic hero, a paladin of Pelor. She does not originate from Oerth and has traveled, with Pelor’s aid, from some unknown alternate world in the Prime Material. Flanaess folk see this act as potential salvation and revere her for coming to aid them (Pelor’s cult has improved its standing, too).

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