Marchland of Medegia

Non-standard, Contested Territory

National Alignment: LE (LN)
GP limit: Unknown
Assets: Unknown
Population: 575,400 – Human 92% (OSf), Half-Orc 3%, Orc (and other humanoids) 2%, Halfling 1%, Elf 1% (sylvan 95%), Half-Elf 1%
Proper Name: Marchland of Medegia
Ruler: Contested: (Rel Astra) His most Lordly Nobility, Eternal Custodian and Lord Protector of Rel Astra, Drax the Invulnerable, Prince of the House of Garasteth (LE male animus Wizard L11/Fighter L3); (United Kingdom of Ahlissa) Prince Gartrel of Darmen (LE male human Fighter L10); (Medegian Free Lords) Council of Lords (several powerful warlords based in the city of Mentrey).
Government: Contested, (Rel Astra) dictatorship under an animus advised by a demon (the “Fiend-Sage”); (Ahlissa) feudal state under hereditary rulership; (Free Lords) loose confederation of petty warlords.
Capital: (Rel Astra) Rel Astra; (Ahlissa) Pontylver; Free Lords (Mentrey).
Major Towns: Mentrey (pop. 4,900), Pontylver (pop. 3,200).
Provinces: Previously, a network of dioceses; Currently, a patchwork of independent fiefs and military holdings controlled by either Ahlissa, Rel Astra or the Free Lords.
Resources: Foodstuff, cloth (currently none)
Coinage: [Modified Aerdy] nightingale (pp), crown (gp), noble (ep), penny (sp), common (cp)
Languages: Common, Old Oeridian, Orc, Elf, Halfling
Alignments: NE, CE, LE*, CN, LN
Religions: Zilchus*, Hextor, Oeridian agricultural gods, Kurell, Ralishaz, Procan, Xerbo, Fharlanghn, Pyremius
Allies: None
Enemies: North Kingdom, Scarlet Brotherhood, Nyrond (Ahlissa – gravely mistrusted)

As a consequence of her ruler’s disastrous policy of independence from the Great Kingdom, Medegia was one of the biggest losers in the Greyhawk Wars, its eventual fate rivaled only by the doom that befell the Prelacy of Almor. In one of the Flanaess’s great ironies, both Medegia and Almor were destroyed in the death throes of the empire that established both as clerical fiefs centuries ago.

Before the Greyhawk Wars, the See of Medegia was a semi-independent realm of clerical holdings set between the sluggish Mikar River to the west and the shores of the Aerdi Sea. Its precincts stretched from the great metropolis of Rel Astra in the north to the rugged foothills of the Hestmark Highlands in the south. Enriched by the bounty of its fertile farmlands and thriving cities, its rulers won greater and greater independence from their nominal suzerains, the Overkings of the Great Kingdom.

Now, however, Medegia is a shattered land; its cities sacked and its populace dead, enslaved or driven mad by the genocidal campaigns of Overking Ivid V. From the few contemporary accounts to survive, Ivid’s razing of Medegia was characterized by levels of brutality and destruction hitherto unseen in the Flanaess. At the Overking’s command, Imperial troops sacked the capital, Mentrey, and despoiled vast swathes of the countryside. The great port-city of Pontylver was utterly devastated, the destruction there only equaled by the ruin wrought upon Chathold, capital of doomed Almor. All of Medegia’s cities and towns of note were razed to the ground and their peoples either put to the sword or marched off into slavery. Looting, rape, and torture were commonplace. Such was the invaders’ depravity that they even fell to fighting amongst themselves for the right to despoil certain prized towns.

Medegia has effectively vanished from the realm of Oerth. For many years, Medegia existed in a perilous semi-independent manner, with the censor being the chief cleric to the overking. It later established firmer independence from Rauxes while still paying tribute to the imperial capital.

Being close to Rauxes caused a strained relationship. And when war came, Medegia’s ruler made a catastrophic error by refusing to send his armies to support the overking. In addition, Osson of Chathold conquered most of Medegia during his extraordinary run-around of southern Aerdy, with Ivid’s armies deliberately not coming to the aid of the rebellious Medegia. Incredibly, Censor Spidasa fled to Rauxes from Osson’s victorious armies, where he now enjoys the agonies of the Endless Death.

Osson’s armies never returned home, and when they left Medegia Ivid sent in his armies to loot, pillage, and murder in an act of senseless destruction. Ivid saw this as revenge for the lack of support from the small nation, and his men carried out their work thoroughly and with a grim pleasure. The very dregs of armies were employed: the remnants of the Glorioles Army, orcish forces, and even penal legions of convict and slave militias and levies.

Added to this, the rag-tag, brutal army faced little active resistance in Medegia, since so many of the censor’s forces had already been overwhelmed by Osson. Among its commanders were two cousins of the overking (subsequently executed for treachery) who were true Naelax men—they dealt with tanar’ri and yugoloths. Lesser and least fiends and hordlings were used as shock troops to demoralize and terrify the small levies which opposed them, making it easier for the armies to despoil the lands they came to ruin. The strategy failed when they attempted to beseige Rel Astra. However, free fiends still stalk many Medegian lands, with no one to control them.

Medegia is thus a land of absolute anarchy. Its population is decimated. Only the pathetically poor, feebleminded, aged, infirm, and those too sunk into despair and stricken with terror remain.

Outside of Pontylver, not many fiends stalk the lands. However, there are orcs, deserting soldiers, and ex-mercenaries who have taken to a life of pillaging what they can from this land.

Fields are unsewn with seed and tuber here, and most livestock has long been eaten. Many of those left are close to starvation, and they suffer deficiency diseases (scurvy, rickets, and the like) as a result. Medegia is grim indeed.

Medegia is not self-contained, however, the rogue elements here threaten the Grandwood and the lands around Nulbish and Torrich. Still the evil forces have learned not to push too close to Rel Astra. The Iron Nation knights there have inflicted heavy casualties on raiders, and the knights use a particularly nasty form of slow quartering for bandits they capture; this encourages others to keep away. There are also several important places, ruins and the like, scattered about this land. And much that has been lost has not been pillaged – and remains to be retrieved.

Locations and Settlements of Medegia


Marchland of Medegia

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