Suloise goddess of music, knowledge and daylight
The Mother of Truth, the Pure Song
Lesser power of Elysium

Portfolio: Music, Knowledge, Daylight
Symbol: A spray of colors from an open hand.
Alignment: Neutral good
Domains: Good, Knowledge, Liberation* (CD), Sun, Travel.
Favored Weapon: Shaft of light (spear)

Description: Lydia (LIH-dee-ah) is a wise Suel goddess, shown as a dynamic older woman with white hair and clear blue eyes. Her symbol is a spray of colors from an open hand. She interacts with many other gods, exchanging information and songs. In some ways she is the converse of Pholtus, pressing for individual liberty so that others may see the light of truth without being blinded by it; this pleases Trithereon, who also strives for the freedom of the individual. “People must gain knowledge to better themselves. Music is a key to learning, and the light of day lets one see their own ignorance.” Lydia’s church has an open policy on all records, for the goddess hates secrets and those who would hoard information to the detriment of others. Her teachings are presented in song form so that they may be easily remembered, and her church often converts current and historical texts into ballads. Her church uses education to uplift women from lesser stations in life; this tends to make her unpopular with patriarchies. Most of her clerics are women. They discover and spread information wherever they travel, and are often found in the company of clerics of Fharlanghn. They are required to help women in need of education, and they spend much of their time in villages teaching women and children how to read and acting as midwives. They travel to discover lost caches of information and song, preferring historical accounts of actual deeds rather than fictionalizations and hearsay tales. Ceremonial garb includes white robes trimmed with gold and silver.

Lydia is a wise Suel goddess, depicted as a dynamic, white-haired old woman. She wears a gown of white, trimmed in silver. She interacts with many other deities, exchanging information, but opposes Pholtus, believing that people must see by the light of truth, not be blinded by it. Lydia’s clergy is mostly female, and focuses on lifting up the position of women by educating them. This tends to make her church unpopular with patriarchies. They also run schools and do charity work. Lydia is commonly venerated by bards.

In Naerie, the church of Lydia is one of the more popular of the Suel churches. Her main temple is in Minetha, and her High Priest in Naerie is one Chanee (NG female human cleric of Lydia L6). The bard Kerith of Minetha is also a prominent follower of the faith, and there are rumours that they have ties with the Idee Volunteers. Lydia’s church also does charity work in the Okalasna labor camp, feeding the prisoners there.

Dogma: People must gain knowledge to better themselves. Music is a key to learning and the light of day lets one see their own ignorance.

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