Luvern is a strategically vital town of 2,800 folk linking several trade routes, lying at the lowland headwaters of the Trask where underground water tables and springs rise to form the gentle, sluggish waters of the river. Owned by Prince Tharndon of Torquann, the town is an unhappy place. The Prince has decided to extract all he can by way of tax and tithe and flee North Province, to a land of safety such as one of the Urnst states or even Greyhawk City. As a result, goods are very expensive here (Cost Multiplier 170%) though there are few shortages.

Trade to and from Eastfair and Kaport Bay must still pass through (farther west than Luvern is too dangerous because or raiding orcs) and, likewise, trade from Atirr to Eastfair will not readily detour south because of the rapacious folk around Arrowstrand. Tharndon’s militia quell civil unrest brutally, and they need to; many folk here are close to starvation in the midst of plenty, given the trade which passes through.

There may yet be hope. The Knights of Sun and Moon, with their leader Sir Berrensen Astraden, have begun to collect together in Luvern from the remnants of this group in the rest of North Province. Berrensen’s profile below gives further details, but this group hopes to expose the corruption of the town and to go to Grenell and have the lands confiscated from Tharndon. Since Berrensen has a claim on the lands, they hope to take the town over and change things for the better. Whether they will be successful is uncertain; Plandarn Reshelfer of Edge Field knows of their intentions and it is surely but a matter of time before he attempts to strike them down.

North Kingdom


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