Lortmil Mountains

The Lortmils, although a lesser range than the Crystal Peaks and the Griffs, are still an impressive range. Absent are the widespread volcanoes of the Hellfurnaces and the massive glaciers of the Griffs, for the Lortmils are much older than any of these ranges. Her peaks are weathered with age, and few are those that remain snow-covered throughout the summer heat of the lowlands.

Settlements and Locations within the Lortmil Mountains:

Some would say that with age comes wisdom, and if so, the Lortmil range is the proud matron of the Flanaess, watching carefully over her many progeny. Indeed, there are more than a few secrets kept close within her canyons and plateaus, and older tales than those of the Suel speak of the wonders – and the terrors – of the Lortmils.

Topography of the Lortmils
Flora and Fauna of the Lortmils
People of the Lortmils

The dwarven loremasters believe that the Lortmils are beloved of Berronar, and that she guided the earliest clans to build their forges within the peaks. However, the rock gnomes of the Kron Hills speak of the first manifestation of Ulaa on Oerth as being within one of the earliest and deepest mines within the mountains. The gnomes cling to their belief that Ulaa is the protective force of the peaks. The gnomes point to the fact that when the dwarves arrived, they found large tribes of orcs and hobgoblins already present within the peaks and that Ulaa sent aid to the demi-humans during those long-ago battles. They also point out that the lesser Power Bleredd, husband of Ulaa, was originally a Flan miner within these same mountains when Haradaragh still stood. The orcish shamen, however, claim the peaks as part of those given to Gruumsh after being ‘tricked’ out of his rightful share. The later arrival of the dwarves in this orcish homeland was clearly a test sent by the One-Eyed. Even though the vast majority of humanoids have of late been driven out of the Lortmils into the Pomarj, the shamen still urge the re-conquest of the sacred lands.

The Lortmils are clearly receiving more than a usual share of attention by some magical Power, although its exact source remains unknown. Portents and omens are more common to the faithful than within other lands. Although the dwarves and gnomes are now the beneficiaries of this increased attention, the shamen of the Pomarj remember the tales of the increased power of their ancestors when Gruumsh’s Eye fell upon them.

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Lortmil Mountains

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