Long March Camps

The Long March is the name given to the seemingly endless road from Molag to the Devouring Bridge, including those relatively few miles which are Skull Trails. Soldiery continually march along this route and as orcs head south along it, conflict is readily generated with the indigenous hobgoblins. Althea orders troop movements of orcs along the Long March without bothering to inform Marynnek, who arranges hobgoblin patrols, so conflicts are inevitable. Reinforcing garrisons and reprovisioning along this road is a real headache for Iuz’s army leaders, who rely on bullying, bluff, and threats to get their troops past.

There are stopover camps of tents and wood shacks at regular intervals of 15-20 miles or so along the Long March, of which the most important are the permanent encampments of Trystenn and Zalgend. Zalgend’s garrison commander (male half-orc Fighter/Cleric) of Bahgtru, is notorious for the chained pet trolls who scamper along on all fours beside him, snarling and baring their teeth at all who approach. These creatures have no better than animal intelligence, and while cowed by their owner, they are savage beyond the limits even of normal trolls. Discipline in Zalgend is great, though. Having a penalty for insubordination of being eaten alive by trolls certainly keeps the ranks in order.

Carl Sargent. Greyhawk Adventures, Iuz the Evil, 1993

The Horned Lands

Long March Camps

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