Local Guilds of Hardby

The six guilds of Hardby are the gears of the economic machine of Hardby. They regulate all trade and taxation within Hardby’s borders. The guilds control the import tariffs such that local businesses do not have to lose money in order to undersell imports. Further, they encourage visiting merchants to leave town with Hardby goods rather than precious metals and gems. The guilds also organize the Hardby trade caravans to Greyhawk and the other cities of the domain and Nyr Dyv. The individual guilds hold their meetings throughout the town on Starday night. Guild representatives then meet as previously mentioned. The six major guilds are described below.

Longshoreman and Dockworkers Guild: This is one of the two seafarer’s guild. While the guild has its roots with the dockworkers, it has grown to include both seafarers and landlubbers. This guild is unique in its exclusive male membership. While one would think this to be problematic in a city ruled by women, this is not the case. The Gynarchy has always smiled upon them. Jik Jonnosh said of it, “Even men need their own space, and if that space is the Dockworkers guild, so be it.” All of its members pay homage to Xerbo as well, and use the nearby temple as their meeting place. The guild is lead by Odelan Kinard (LN male human Priest of Xerbo L5) a very organized businessman. His primary goal is to control the docks. His guild includes 35% of the merchant sailors, and 80% of warehouse workers. Odelan is not heavy-handed and plans to gain a monopoly through market forces and shrewd business practices.

Sailor and Fishers Guild: This seafarer’s guild has taken Osprem as their patron deity. This guild’s membership includes both men and women, and while their membership includes a majority of the sailors and fishermen, they are the poorer and smaller fishermen. They do control some of the larger warehouses, though. This group is more boisterous and outgoing than the members of the Longshoreman and Dockworkers guild. They tend to pick fights with the Dockworkers guildsmen in the watering holes around Hardby, and almost all of them spend most of Brewfest in the Ale Bay. Thought has been given to locking them all up with their own casks of ale in advance of the festival, but it has never gotten past the thought. For the last five years, the Sailor’s guild has been run by a woman, Kerensa Celebe (N human female Bard L4). Kerensa is a very charming and engaging individual. She has encouraged membership in her guild through excellent public relations. While her membership can be heavy handed and at time downright troublesome, she encourages sailors and dockworkers to join her guild because, as she puts it, “Free ale after the meetings.” While her guild’s membership is not as wealthy as the Longshoremen are, its ranks have been growing, much to the chagrin of Guildmaster Odelan.

Smiths and Metalworkers Guild: The smiths are a diverse guild as well. The have a membership that includes armorers, jewelers, blacksmiths, and goldsmiths. Even a gnomish jeweler is a member. Their main interest lies in harnessing the steam springs of Trade Town to their fullest potential. Furthermore, the smiths bring in a variety of master smiths from outside Hardby to train them in new techniques. From a financial standpoint they have a keen interest the riches of the Cairn Hills and Abbor Alz, and tend to offer excellent prices for ore and refined metals from the area. The smiths are rather apolitical and organized in order to pursue their intellectual interests rather than financial ones. The guild is led be Ferik Lastar (LN male human Fighter L3)

Hunters and Trappers Guild: Led by Rjan Mirma (NG male human Ranger L3) and his spouse Enid Mirma (N female human Druid of Ehlonna L4), the Hunters and Trappers guild strictly regulate the hunting in the Hardby area. It is their philosophy to control the hunting so as not to cause severe underpopulation of one species or another such that nature’s balance suffers. The leadership works closely with the nearby druids of Ehlonna and Beory so as to divine the seasonal quotas. They also patrol the region for poaching. Any poachers caught are dealt with by the druids and not the Hardby court system.

Artisans Guild: The Artisans Guild is, perhaps, the most civic minded of the guilds. The guild membership includes not only artists and craftsman, but musicians, bards, actors and gardeners. The artisans, while strict regarding the mass importation of foreign goods, actively recruit foreign artists of all kinds to come to Hardby. The artisans also encourage the citizens of Hardby to participate in the arts themselves. They do this by opening their doors the first Freeday night of every month to all comers. The artisans open casks of wine, hold art exhibitions, and offer tutorials in their crafts. The Artisans Guild is lead by Aersta L’Migdala (CG female human Fighter L0) an Oeridian free-spirit who created the First Freedays as a way of bringing the arts to the people, something she was not able to do in her hometown of Ountsy.

Farmers and Spice Merchants: The Farmer’s Guild has the responsibility of maintaining the foodstores for Hardby in case of famine or blight. They also fix the prices of food for export. Strict laws do not allow for the import of foods that are grown in the Hardby area. The Farmer’s guild is unique in that they allow non-citizens membership. The non-citizen members tend to be visiting spice merchants who visit at least once per season. One such member is Sharid Al Ketaya (LN female human Wizard L7), a Baklunish alchemist and spice dealer. She travels between Zeif and Hardby quarterly, and moving a large volume of spices, though none know how she traverses the distance so rapidly. The Farmer’s guild also organizes the Richfest caravan to Greyhawk.

In addition to the recognized guilds, there are two “unrecognized” organizations that very few citizens of Hardby know about.

Thieves Guild: The Hardby Thieves Guild are more spies and intelligence gatherers than anything else. The membership has been estimated to be between 20 and 30 thieves. While officially they do not exist, and are not known by the public, they are close allies of the Pharast family. They act as the eyes and ears of the Gynarch and take care of any plots and crimes that they hear about, especially if they are directed at the Gynarch. In return, the Gynarchy and city guard turn a blind eye to the smuggling, usury and gambling organized by the guild. Since their inception 150 years ago, crime has plummeted in Hardby. The guild has its headquarters in a warehouse in the Dock District. Many of the thieves are women, and at the current time, its Guildmaster is a woman. Genandra Riope (N female half-elven Rogue L13).

Assassins Guild: The Assassins Guild is the best-kept secret in Hardby. The government has no knowledge of its existence, though they have heard rumors to that effect. In fact, the only people in Hardby that know how to contact it (besides the members themselves) are Scarlet Brotherhood agents who operate a safe house in town and a few members of the Adventurer’s Guild and Thieves Guild that have been all but sworn to secrecy. The Assassin’s Guild considers themselves “problem solvers” and has taken care of many problems in the Domain and adjacent nations. The assassins will not touch any citizens in Hardby for fear of being discovered, and the subsequent reprisals. They have been known to handle visitors on occasion, and are especially skilled in making such incidents appear to be accidents. The membership is in the thirties. The Guild meets in their headquarters in the Hardby underground. The two principal access points they use are through the Brothel in North End and through the wine cellar of a pub owned by one of the leaders in Trade Town.

The founding and current Guildmistress of the Assassins’ Guild is the only surviving Slave Lord of the Pomarj, Slippery Ketta (NE female human Rogue L10/Assassin L12). Ketta has changed her appearance since her days as a Slave Lord, and is known in town as Madame Trejon, the owner of the brothel on the North End. Ketta has managed to keep a low profile since the fall of the Slave Lords, but has been helpful to the Brotherhood agents in town.

Governing Bodies and Organizations of Hardby

Local Guilds of Hardby

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