Suloise god of beasts and strength
Great Bear, Animal Fang, Strongest Serpent, God of Force.
Lesser Power of Limbo

Portfolio: Beasts, Strength
Symbol: A bear, a snake, or an alligator
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Domains: Animal, Chaos, Competition* (CD), Courage* (CW), Strength.
Favored Weapon: Battleaxe (m) or longsword (m)

Description: The most uncivilized god in the Suel pantheon, Llerg (LERG) ignores most other gods, seeing them as too civilized, but has a friendly rivalry with Kord and a hatred for Telchur. He is shown as a strong, shaggy man wearing furs and a fighting girdle or as a great bear, snake, or alligator. These animals are sacred to him, and they are his three holy symbols. He fights with a broadsword or in one of his animal forms and may be the ancestor of the original dire bears, dire alligators, and giant snakes. He is popular among the jungle savages, who call him Hlerg. “Be strong so that others respect you. Be fierce like the creatures of the animal world. Humans have lost contact with their inner animal nature – watch and learn how the predator lives, and you will again be as you should be.” Llerg supports barbarians defending their lands against encroaching civilization. Llerg’s clerics choose one of his sacred animals as their totem animal. They act as intermediaries when tribes meet, and range far in search of prey when times are lean for their tribe. They bless weapons, warriors, and sites of battle to ensure victory, and in more peaceful times they train young warriors in armed and unarmed combat. Some clerics see visions and travel to find the meaning of what they have seen. Llerg’s temples are simple stone or wooden buildings with large open spaces. They are built in places frequented by wild animals, and prey animals tend to avoid such places due to the predators in the area. The interior of the building is carved and painted with animal motifs, with animal skins decorating the walls and floor. An open fireplace dominates the center of the temple. The first appearance of large predators after the winter is a day for celebration; the priests spend all morning in prayer, then wrestle and dance in firelight that night. The first snowfall of winter is likewise heralded as a time for prayer and ritual, putting the animal spirits to rest until the world renews itself; in regions that get no snow, the first day of Sunsebb is used instead. This winter ceremony consists of securing food stores, prayers over animal skins, and feats of strength such as rock lifting and axe hurling. Ceremonial garb includes bear skins, alligator hides, and snake skins. These skins are carefully preserved and often decorated with jewels for eyes. Necklaces, amulets, and belts of carved animal bones complement their dress, and many tie animal teeth and claws to their faces or hands during such times, or even pierce their bodies with these items. Adventuring clerics favor typical barbarian garb, with thick leather girdles carve with bear images; most also wear either a bearskin cloak or a “Llerg-cloak,” a tasseled robe woven to represent the pelt of a bear. Llerg’s clergy are known as beastwalkers.

Llerg is a strong, shaggy man, dressed in furs, when he does not take the shape of a great bear, a serpent, or an alligator. He ignores most other deities, but is allied with Vatun, has a friendly rivalry with Kord and hates Telchur.

He is revered by warriors for his strength, and many farmers, herders and pack handlers who work with animals. Llerg is often revered together with Bralm when animals are used in work.

In Naerie, Llerg is popular among the savage Hepmonaland Suel, and his only temple in the Principality is located in Shar Hesiyev. His high priest in Naerie is Obersh Esh (CN male human barbarian L1/cleric of Llerg L5), who originally established the temple in 597 CY.

Dogma: Be strong so that others respect you. Be fierce like creatures of animal world. Humans have lost contact with their inner animal nature – watch and learn how the predator lives.

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