Lady Poet, The Lore Keeper
Lesser Deity

Portfolio: Prose, Poetry, Literature, Art
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Symbol: An illustrated book
Domains: Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Liberation* (CD), Magic, Rune* (Ss), Travel.
Favored Weapon(s): rapier (m)

Description: Lirr (LEER) is shown as a fresh-faced Oeridian woman with long black hair and dark blue eyes. Her symbol is an illustrated book, and she carries a tome with her that can show any poetry, prose, spell, or artwork ever created. She works favorably with any being that respects knowledge, learning, and the arts, but she opposes those that would destroy art and knowledge or hide it. Many Oeridian sorcerers and wizards worship Lirr, particularly those who dislike Delleb’s conservative and reclusive nature. “The written word, be it in rhyme, prose, myth, or logbook, is the linchpin of civilization. Preserve written works so that the knowledge of the past can be given to the future, and put oral records in more permanent form. Art should be revered, for it conveys feelings and messages that would take hundreds of pages to explain. Every poem, book, or painting lost is a piece of history forgotten.” Lirr’s clerics wander Oerth in search of lore, news, poetry, historical tales, magic, and works of art. They sneak into lands ruled by oppressive leaders (such as luz), trying to rescue items of interest that are at risk of being destroyed out of malice or ignorance. Many clerics have skill as bards, telling tales and painting pictures rather than singing; they easily find work as tutors, scribes, and artists. Novice clerics spend months making copies of their temple’s archives of books, scrolls, and works of art, which are distributed so that others may appreciate them.

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