This town, draped across countryside and surrounded by fields of dresadoes, in just about every way the center of life for the Gold County. It is the place where the County’s foodstuffs are collected and sold. It is also a popular place for merchants to buy and sell, for Libernen stands on major trade roads connecting Littleberg, Free Borough, and several ports on the Veleverdyva River that bring it goods from Dyvers, Verbobonc, and the City of Greyhawk.1

Libernen is a sprawling town located at the junction of several major trade highways. The houses of Libernen’s 3,300 citizens stretch out along the roads like long limbs. Many minor nobles have estates here, and many of the rest gather here for both grand social gatherings and the requirements of day-to-day government. Libernen is the administrative center of the county, although Countess Rhavelle spends most of her time traveling around the Rhavelle Holdings.

Notable Locations in Libernen:

Libernen is rich and there are many exiled nobles wasting their fortunes away at the town’s gaming houses and more dubious establishments. Libernen is, in truth, a haunt of cowards and fainthearts, men and women fled from the dangers of their homelands. Upon such people, thieves, bawds and assassins prey, as do native Gold County nobility for that matter. Libernen is a place for adventurers to meet exiles from around the Flanaess, but only those of melancholic disposition and cowardly natures, with some possible exceptions.

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