Lamplighters' Guild

The Lamplighters’ Guild is primarily responsible for the illumination of the city’s streets by night. The Directorship funds the lighting of the city’s main thoroughfares and the more important civic buildings, while the residents of individual streets and alleys pay the appropriate fee should they require the lamplighters’ services. Illumination can vary from a few guttering torches or lanterns in the River Quarter, to majestic stained glass globes lit with continual light spells in the High and Garden Quarters.

The Lamplighters’ Guild has established a monopoly over its area of business in the Free City, and the more elderly guild members are employed in the manufacture of candles, lanterns, and all manner of practical and decorative illuminating devices. The excess from this enterprise is sold to traders throughout the city, and the Greyhawk Lamplighters’ Guild is a byword for quality illumination throughout neighboring lands.

The Lamplighters’ Guild has established close ties with the Nightwatchmen’s Guild. Both take to the city streets at dusk, and the Nightwatchmen keep a close eye on the Lamplighters’ property (the guild removes all illumination devices at dawn). In return for escorting the lamplighters when they are collecting their lighting fees, the Nightwatchmen are provided with lanterns and torches for their patrols.

The guild has no hall, but rather maintains depots in each of the city’s quarters (with the exception of the Slum Quarter, where guildmembers do not venture).The Guildmaster Stendal Bhaksi, is normally to be found at his office in the High Quarter depot.

Outside the city, at strategic intervals along the eastern bank of the Selintan, a new system of magical beacons is being constructed. Those at the major stopping points have already been constructed atop suitably tall buildings; others are being placed along the riverside, atop poles with stone cairns protecting their bases.

Each beacon is a set of three crystals, each with a colored version of the continual light spell cast on it (one red, one blue, one yellow). The lights of these crystals are usually obscured by sectioned opaque lanterns, but at prearranged times, members of the Lamplighters Guild of the Free City flash recognition signals during darkness, effectively signalling “all is well” to adjacent points along the river. There are specific color-sequence codes for “dangerous natural event,” “monsters,” and “bandits,” as well as a general alarm signal. The code sequences are changed monthly.

To date, the system is still experimental. Errors do occur, especially false alarms if an experienced Lamplighter falls ill, or if a code sequence is misread (fortunately, rare events). It’s uncertain whether the system will work well enough to become a permanent installation.

Lamplighters' Guild

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