The Bone Master

Portfolio: Creation and Mastery of Undead
Symbol: A skull with worms in its eyes and jaws
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Domains: Death, Evil, Pestilence* (CD).
Favored Weapon: Club

Description: Few have not heard of the dreaded sons of Kyuss – terrible zombies that spawn their kind through sickly green worms that corrupt the living. Few know that the creator of these foul creatures, Kyuss (kai-OOSS) himself, has an active cult in the Flanaess. Sponsored to godhood by Nerull, Kyuss was a Flan priest in the ancient Empire of Sulm, which now lies buried in the Bright Desert. Escaping from there shortly before its destruction, he fled to the Wormcrawl Fissure near the Rift Canyon and underwent apotheosis. He appears as a skeletally gaunt man with hands of bone and eye sockets filled with crawling worms. He is manic and communicates only with his priests, Nerull, and undead beings. He carries a worm-riddled club that turns whatever it strikes into some form of undead. His symbol is a skull with worms in its eyes and jaws. “Life is a temporary obscenity, and death is an eternity of sedentary non-existence. Only undeath is the blessed state. Grant others its wonderful gift, even infidels, so they may see Kyuss’ truth. Create undead whenever you are able, abandoning them when you leave. Control undead as you need them, but free them to their own will when you need them no longer. Destroy enemy undead only when you face destruction yourself.” Clerics of this cult raid graveyards to create undead just for the sake of doing so. They sometimes sell their creations to mages or other clerics but often let them run wild in the streets of cities. Powerful clerics attempt to create new kinds of undead, and most seek lichdom rather than face true death. Kyuss’ clerics adventure to acquire more undead followers and money to create more undead, discover new or forgotten types of undead, and to discover forgotten holy sites of their patron (such as certain ruins in the Amedio Jungle, where Kyuss once traveled).

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