The Master Thief

Portfolio: Theft and Treasure-Finding
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Symbol: A gold coin with the symbol of a key on it or a quill
Domains: Chaos, Luck, Trickery.
Favored Weapon(s): Dagger

Special Notes: Divine spellcasters are not permitted to destroy any valuable item. Repeated destruction of valuable items is a gross violation of the code of conduct.

Description: The Oeridian thief known as Kuroth (CUR-ahth) is said have been the most puissant among the practitioners of his ancient profession. Sponsored by Olidammara after a risky quest for the Laughing Rogue, Kuroth is gaining recognition among more than just sages of old lore. Kuroth is an Oeridian man with medium-length black hair and a fancy moustache. He is sometimes accompanied by a ferret. His symbol is a gold coin with a symbol of a key on it, sometimes with a quill as well, for he is known to many for his association with the magical quill that now bears his name. Kuroth was rich beyond his wildest dreams before becoming a god, and only kept up his trade to maintain his skills and reputation. Even now he enjoys stealing priceless items just to prove that he can, often leaving the item in an obvious, but dangerous, place for its owners to find. His cult is gaining popularity among adventurers because of his enjoyment of acquiring wealth through unusual means. “The ultimate challenge is taking something that its owner doesn’t want you to have. Constantly push your limits in your attempts to acquire newer, more valuable, and unusual things, for stealing from a common merchant is little sport compared to stealing from a dragon’s horde. Even if you lack nothing, avoid the trap that success would place on your mind, and seek to acquire more, discarding it afterwards if you don’t need it. Never destroy a valuable item, for that deprives another of the chance to steal it in return.” Not
surprisingly, most of Kuroth’s clerics work as thieves. They break into nobles’ houses, merchant guilds, mage towers, and rival churches to find what things can be stolen. They adventure to find the next big horde, discover (and avoid) the next big trap, and to get into places that have been hidden or locked up for hundreds of years. Their predilection for danger tends to keep their numbers low but their reputation high.

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