The Green-eyed God, The Avenger, Black Wolf of the North, Lord of Thieves, The Bitter Hand, The Scorned Heart, The Vengeful Knave
Lesser Power of Limbo,

Portfolio: Jealousy, revenge, thievery
Aliases: Black Wolf (Wolt Nomads and Flan)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Domain Name: The House of Locks
Domains: Chaos, Greed* (Dr), Luck, Madness* (CD), Trickery.
Superior: None
Allies: Syrul, Erythnul, Xan Yae
Symbol: Single green eye or a grasping hand holding a broken coin
Favored Weapon(s): Short sword (m)
Worshipers’ Alignment: Any chaotic

Description: Kurell (kuh-REL) is an Oeridian god once loved by Atroa, but he spurned her to pursue Sotillion, his brother Zilchus’ lover. This failure caused him to lose both goddesses as well as the favor of his brother. Now, his jealous feelings keep him alone, even though the others involved would surely forgive him if he would ask. His only allies are the more temperamental, morose, and reactionary deities Joramy, Ralishaz, and Trithereon. His symbol is a grasping hand holding a broken coin. He is a patron of thieves although other gods such as Norebo and Olidammara are more popular than he, which makes him jealous and fills him with an irrational fervor to steal away their worshippers. “Desires must be seized, for experiencing the act of taking brings joy. Suffering must be avenged, for only retribution alleviates loss. Those that have wealth do not deserve it, nor the power and luck who brought them to where they are, and for that they should be scorned. You must take what is rightfully yours when the time is right or forever be shackled to misery, poverty, and nothingness.” Clerics of Kurell are very self-centered and not particularly interested in proselytizing unless they perceive an immediate benefit for themselves. Their instruction involves teaching by example rather than quoting doctrine. Many make their living as thieves, and spend their time planning acts of revenge against their enemies. They travel in search of great things to steal, to escape their rivals, or to forget their past.

Kurell (KER-el) is the Vengeance-Seeker, the Watcher Who Never Sleeps, the Vengeful God. He embodies petty jealousy and revenge, trusting no one completely and hating those he believes have broken his trust or who simply seem better and bigger than he is (including almost all of the gods) He is also the god of thieves, although those who worship him know better than to depend on him.

Kurell always seems angry and defensive. He is the most paranoid of the gods, believing that everyone is against him or laughing at him. He lives In fear that he will miss something, jealous that someone else might behaving a better time than he is or he better than he is. He is a petty god who deals with his own inadequacies by reinforcing those same feelings in others, typically his followers.

Kurell’s actual form (which is never seen by others and not even known by the god’s own clergy) is that of a small man under 5 feet tall. He is unremarkable, unattractive, and slightly overweight. His features resemble those of his avatar to a lesser extent. The god is seen like this only if he is somehow taken by surprise. He does his worst to destroy any who learn his secret.

Kurell’s Avatar (Thief 25, Fighter 20)
When the god of vengeance takes form in the Prime Material Plane, he appears as a tall, handsome, virile man. His green eyes are bright, flashing in the light, but are cold and filled with anger. Kurell rarely smiles, doing so only when some revenge has been fulfilled. The god wears dark clothing, black leather armor, and a black cloak. He is armed only with small, easily concealed weapons. Kurell chooses a form meant to incite the moat envy in whomever he is appearing before, choosing a style of clothing and dress that most matches (but easily outshines) whomever he likes least in any group.

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