Alignment: Neutral
Worshiper’s Alignment: Any (but few recognize and worship him)
Symbol: None
Home Plane: Prime Material (the Flanaess of Oerth)

Krovis is of pure Flan stock (bronze skin, brown eyes, curly brown hair) and is known as a master military strategist as well as a skilled negotiator. His efforts in these matters will almost always be used toward the downfall of some empire or whatever else threatens to dominate the Flanaess.

Krovis’s disposition is usually somber and grim, and he is often seen brooding atop lonely castle walls during the night when fighting a campaign. It is only after the foe is conquered that he is jovial, but then only for a short time. He returns to his secret crypt 1-4 months after the successful conclusion of his campaign.

Gods of the Flanaess


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