Ker Bazainn

This grim fortress has guarded the land passage between the hills, south to Idee, for more than two centuries. Now it marks the border between the Principality of Naerie and the rest of Ahlissa, ruled by Prince Reydrich of House Naelax. It was a vital strategic guard against the forces of the Scarlet Brotherhood, and around the castle two keeps and curtain walls were constructed by Reydrich to form a defensive bastion. With the Scarlet Brotherhood gone, it now guards the strategic north road extending from Ekehold to Zelradton.

Ker Bazainn is a six-towered castle which is both evil and magical in itself. During its construction, the blood and ichor of many creatures – human, humanoid, magical monsters and (so it is said) fiends – saturated the limestone blocks used for building. Certainly, the castle has powerful defenses against fire, acid, impacting siege weapons and the like. One tale tells of a powerful priest of Beory using an earthquake spell to afflict the castle after a deranged noble there had sacrificed hundreds of souls on its grim stones, only to find that the castle levitated and then resettled on safe ground. This is probably another tall story, but the brooding fortress surely has many secrets within it.

Before the conquest of Idee, 2,000 troops were stationed here, though at any one time probably a third of that number patrol the lands around. There are also fiends in Ker Bazainn said to have been summoned by Reydrich himself, but what became
of them after the Flight of Fiends, is not known. It is highly possible that they will return.

One of Reydrich’s apprentices, Tarrak, lives full-time at Ker Bazainn and had clearly been at work tapping the magic of the place. Before the wars, he took part in extensive research to harness the magic . Broiling acidic mists and fetid stinking clouds were seen rolling southward, but stopping short of penetrating too far into Idee. Tarrak’s true nature is unknown to most, for the mage enjoys using alteration spells to appear as a drow, an orc, a male human, or even as an ogre. She is known to have captive charmed monster companions, including a pair of leucrotta which she uses as hunting animals—usually to pursue human or demihuman quarry.

Ker Bazainn is further defended by a pack of 40 or so wolfhound/worg crosses with the statistics of worgs. These animals are superbly well-trained and utterly ferocious. The strength of this place is testimony to how deeply Reydrich once feared the Scarlet Brotherhood. It is also a prison. Reydrich generally did not execute those who oppose him, considering that they might be useful as hostages, for ransom, or that their loyalty might after all be gained through “encouragement” in the dungeons of this place.

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Ker Bazainn

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