The Prince of Swords

Portfolio: Swords, Sword Skills, Balance
Symbol: Nine swords in a star shape, points outward
Home Plane:
Alignment: Neutral
Core Worshipers: Humans
Cleric Alignments:
Domains: Travel, War.
Favored Weapon: Any martial sword (m)

Special Notes: Divine spellcasters are not permitted to wield any sort of weapon that isn’t classified as a sword, dagger, or crossbow. Permitted weapons for divine spellcasters of Kelanen include the following weapons from the Player’s Handbook: crossbows (hand, heavy, light, or repeating), daggers (dagger, kukri, punching dagger), and swords (bastard
sword, falchion, greatsword, longsword, rapier, scimitar, short sword, two-bladed sword). Additional permitted weapons include anything a PC has legal access to from a source other than the Player’s Handbook that is defined in that source as a blade, sword, scimitar, dagger, or crossbow. For example, the elven lightblades and thinblades (Races of the Wild) or the khopesh and sapara (Arms & Equipment Guide). Repeated use of weapons other than those permitted is considered a gross violation of the code of conduct.

Description: Of unknown race and origin, Kelanen (KEL-a-nen) is probably the best-known and popular hero-deity in the Flanaess. He can appear in any humanoid form, although he is traditionally shown as a fair-skinned man with a silvery scar on the right side of his face. Quiet and determined, Kelanen is obsessed with swords of all types and with preserving the balance between good, evil, chaos and law. He has been known to work on the side of any of these alignments in order to push the balance of power back toward the middle. His myths say that he discovered the resting place of three of the magical swords known as the Pillars of Heaven, and that he wrested the now-lost blade Fragarach the Answerer from an alien god. He created the legendary final word swords, from which his holy symbol (nine swords in a star shape, points outward) is derived. His cult is popular in the Hold of the Sea Princes, and among the humans of the now Pomarj-controlled Wild Coast and neighboring lands. “Mastery of the sword is the path to mastery of the self. Relentlessly practice your skills with all kinds of blades until you are competent with them all. Eschew all extremes, for only when you are in the center are you truly balanced and at your best. Bring down those in power who carry too strongly the taint of the Four Dooms: Chaos, Evil, Good, and Law, for Balance is the true ideal.” Kelanen’s clerics spend much of their time practicing with at least one kind of sword, and many study at martial academies all over the Flanaess in order to master all styles of combat with their favorite blade. They adventure as a means of acquiring wealth to get more powerful and perfect weapons, and to restore the Balance. Few of his clerics are of alignments other than neutral, for such a paths are seen as intentional disregard for the teachings of Kelanen.

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