Greater Power of the Tarterian Depths of Carceri

Symbol: A winter wolf’s head
Home Plane: Carceri/Minethys (Rack of Injustice)
Alignment: Neutral evil
Portfolio: Fomorians and other Misshapen Giants, Deformity, Hatred, Beasts
Superior: Annam
Core Worshipers: Giants
Worshipers: Fomorians and other Misshapen Giants
Cleric Alignments: NE, LE, CE, N
Domains: Animal, Cold* (CD, Fb), Evil, Madness* (CD), Strength.
Favored Weapon: +1 mighty cleaving club

Description: Karontor manifests as a uniquely hideous fomorian giant dressed in rotting, stinking furs and wielding a club. He may also appear as a winter wolf.

Dogma: Karontor despises giantkind; this reflects his own deep self-loathing. He spends much of his time in introverted self-reflection, sending avatars to kill and destroy during his infrequent fits of rage.

Relationships: Karontor, like his brother Grolantor, is one of the third generation of the Giant pantheon, one of the so-called “runts.” He is far more evil than his brother, and far more intelligent.

Clergy: Karontor’s priests are encouraged to kill good creatures, using trained beasts (especially wolves) for this purpose. They urge their followers to war and conflict.

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