This dwarven iron mine yields a little gold and platinum from its deepest veins. It has a unique appearance; the 600 resident dwarves have, over a century or so, virtually hollowed out an entire rounded hill and created a massive stone fortress out of it.

The dwarves here are unusual in appearance, for they are slightly olive-skinned and many have very red hair and beards. Some sages have drawn parallels between their very unusual architecture and that of the Cones of Baklarran, and wonder if this isolated group of dwarves may not be a far-traveled offshoot of the unknown builders so far to the northwest.

Karakast is virtually impervious to attack. The dwarves within have a rulership by military council, with trials of physical strength being used to determine the role of Battle Axe (leader) of the clan. Dwarves are given stamina training, weight lifting exercises, and instruction in battle from a very young age.

Karakast’s dwarves are strikingly polite, in great contrast to those of Greysmere. However, they are also incredibly formal, always addressing others by full name, title, and rank (even their best friends). Social gaffes in this respect can be remembered for generations. All the dwarves here are of lawful neutral alignment, and are proud worshippers of Clangeddin, whose priests dominate the military council.

Below Karakast, the dwarves have many enemies to contend with. Just as in Greysmere, there are passages to the Underdark in the deep mines that must be watched at all times. Nests of skulks are discovered from time to time in newly-excavated chambers, which the dwarves ascribe to a great prehistoric subterranean battle site that they have not yet located (but they have found three magical swords so far, and are confident of their assessment). Xorn are a common pest here, as are oozes, jellies, and slimes in the deeper waterlogged passages and tunnels.

Karakast was formerly under Urnst’s rule, but the citadel has accepted the transference of rulership to Greyhawk with fair grace. The Cairn Hills militia has taken great pains to cultivate them, and escorts merchants who wish to trade with the dwarves. The Commanders of the militia themselves have visited regularly to pay their respects to the Battle Axe and his fellow council members.

Remarkably, the dwarves have been especially impressed by the griffons of the Mountaineer Militia. They have inquired politely whether flightless specimens were available for sale that could be used for self-defense in their own mines. Their disappointment at finding that wing-clipped griffons don’t like dungeons was offset by the gift of a ring of horgar control that has allowed them to use one of these rare creatures to aid their excavations. The dwarves’ relations with Greyhawk are thus very cordial.

Domain of Greyhawk
Cairn Hills


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